No 10 hints London’s coronavirus lockdown will be lifted first

No 10 hints London’s coronavirus lockdown will be lifted first

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg predicted that within a decade, half of Facebook’s employees will be working from home.

The social network became the biggest company to announce a mass-scale, permanent, remote working plan, leading to predictions that many other companies will be forced to follow.

But for Facebook staff that planned to take their six-figure salaries, move out of their expensive Silicon Valley lodgings and bank the difference in rural America, Zuckerberg had news: Move to somewhere cheaper, and your salary will be cut.

As of Jan 1, Facebook employees working remotely will have their compensation adjusted depending on where they live, with those in cities where living and labour costs are higher receiving more.

In reality, this will mean pay cuts for most who move. Facebook’s headquarters are located in San Mateo, America’s sixth-wealthiest county, so moving almost anywhere would mean pay reductions. “We’ll adjust salary to your location,” Zuckerberg said.

“If you live in a location where cost of living is dramatically lower, cost of labour is lower, salaries tend to be somewhat lower in those places, even though you can have a better quality of life than some of the bigger cities.”

James Titcomb has more on this story here – including detail on how Facebook will track the location of workers using their IP addresses. 

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No 10 hints London’s coronavirus lockdown will be lifted first

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