28 Chicken Salad Recipes That Aren’t Drowning in Mayo

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28 Chicken Salad Recipes That Aren’t Drowning in Mayo


28 chicken salad recipes that are totally not boring.

May 29, 2017

We love classic chicken salad, but we also love to mix it up. Here are 28 chicken salad recipes, including some healthy ones, that are a far cry from the mayo-heavy ones of your childhood.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Meal Dish Seasoning and Produce

    Peden + Munk


    Chicken Salad with Haricots Verts

    Does the world need another chicken salad? Yep. This mayo-free one, with herby roasted (not poached) chicken and a mustardy dressing will convince you.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Meal Dish and Vegetable

    Photo by Marcus Nilsson


    Green Goddess Cobb Salad

    To make addictively crispy chicken skin for this cobb salad recipe, turn it often in the skillet, until it looks like bacon.

  • Image may contain Plant Cutlery Fork Food Produce Vegetable and Burger

    Peden + Munk


    Grilled Chicken with Arugula and Warm Chickpeas

    Chicken thighs are appealingly fatty, but this can sometimes cause flare-ups when grilling. Bank the coals before igniting so that you have a cooler side, and move the chicken there if needed.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Vegetable and Seasoning
  • 17/28

    Grilled Chicken Salad with Garlic Confit

    Is there anything that golden brown garlic, simmered to tender perfection, can’t improve? This salad assures that the answer is “no.”

  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Vegetable Meal Dish Cutlery Fork and Bean

    Alex Lau


    Harissa Chicken Salad

    This recipe is so easy, you don’t even need one. A little weekend planning is the key to a workday lunch you’ll actually be excited to eat.

  • Image may contain Dish Food Meal Plant and Seasoning

    Eva Kolenko


    Spinach and Chicken Waldorf

    This classic epitomizes the range of flavors and textures in Hillstone’s salads, hitting every note on the salty-sweet-chewy-crunchy spectrum.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Fruit Avocado Dish and Meal

    Alex Lau


    Spaghetti Squash and Avocado Chicken Salad

    Spaghetti squash is really more like a rice noodle then spaghetti, so we riffed on a cold noodle salad. This would be great with leftover sliced steak or pork, too.

  • Image may contain Food Egg Plant Produce and Vegetable
  • Image may contain Cutlery Fork Food Salad Dish Meal and Plant

    Danny Kim


    Chicken and Asian Pear Salad

    Pears perfectly lighten up leftover braised chicken thighs with mustard and chestnuts. A piquant whole grain mustard walnut vinaigrette brings everything together.

  • Image may contain Food Egg Plant Dish Meal Produce and Vegetable
  • 24/28

    Thai Ginger Chicken Salad

    Ginger and chicken are the headliners of this salad, but the greens and herbs are the unsung heroes: cilantro, mint, basil, and large butter lettuce leaves.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Seasoning Sesame Vegetable Bean Sprout Sprout Bread and Burger

    Jason Lowe


    Chicken and Green Papaya Salad

    The difference between this papaya salad and a Thai-style one comes down to spice and sugar, says chef and author David Tanis. The Vietnamese one is sweeter and less hot. Have all the ingredients assembled, but dress the salad just before serving.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Vegetable Sprout and Bean Sprout

    Laura Murray


    Spicy Chicken and Cabbage Salad

    Pro move: Save the spicy broth and sprinkle with some chopped cilantro or scallions to sip on later.

  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Sprout Bean Sprout Vegetable Dish and Meal


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28 Chicken Salad Recipes That Aren’t Drowning in Mayo


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