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Jessica Marcialis: Jockey wins on Tiger Tanaka for historic French win Jessica Marcialis, who returned to racing after becoming a
একুশে পদকপ্রাপ্ত সাহিত্যিক, বিশিষ্ট লেখক ও গবেষক রশীদ হায়দার এর মৃত্যুতে গভীর শোক ও দুঃখ প্রকাশ করেছেন মাননীয় প্রধানমন্ত্রী শেখ
Tulsa City Council Votes For Mask Ordinance To Stem Coronavirus | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC Ali Velshi reports breaking news
এ বছরের এইচএসসি পরীক্ষা অনুষ্ঠিত হচ্ছে না। জেএসসি ও এসএসসি’র ভিত্তিতে ডিসেম্বরের মধ্যে ফল নির্ধারণ করা হবে। The post এ
Halle Berry drops out of playing transgender man in film following backlash, apologizes for remarks Full/More Story at SourceMSN SG
Sen. Klobuchar: Postmaster General 'Keeps Saying Stuff & Dialing It Back' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)
No coach, no problem: How to succeed at HIIT workouts on your own Tips to stay fit during the pandemic,
Hanger: Politicization of virus, economy is ramped up ahead of November election, but won't last for Trevor Hanger, strategic advisor
কোভিডের উপসর্গ নিয়ে ‘চিকিৎসা না পেয়ে’ বাড়িতে তরুণের মৃত্যু সিরাজগঞ্জের উল্লাপাড়ায় কোভিড-১৯ (করোনাভাইরাস)–এর উপসর্গ নিয়ে এক তরুণের (২৮) মৃত্যু হয়েছে।
করোনায় আক্রান্ত হয়ে রাষ্ট্রপতির ছোট ভাইয়ের মৃত্যু। Jamuna TV রাষ্ট্রপতি মো. আবদুল হামিদের ছোট ভাই বীর মুক্তিযোদ্ধা আবদুল হাই করোনা

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Breaking News English – Mini Lessons


2-Page Mini Lessons

Origin of our teeth dates back 400 million years

12th July – “Easier”

Researchers say they have discovered how humans got teeth.

Man spent five years too long in prison

10th July – “Harder”

An error in a prison system resulted in a man being incarcerated for five years longer than he should have.

Huge financial rescue package for UK arts

8th July – “Easier”

The United Kingdom will give nearly $2 billion to help support the country’s arts industry.

Scientists change how we calculate dog years

6th July – “Harder”

Scientists have come up with a new way to calculate a dog’s age.

Red light could help improve vision in old age

4th July – “Easier”

Doctors say a three-minute daily dose of the special red light could help improve age-related vision.

Stop Hate for Profit campaign suspends social media ads

2nd July – “Harder”

The campaign group “Stop Hate For Profit” has dented the market value of Facebook and Twitter.

Egypt jails famous belly dancer for immorality

30th June – “Easier”

A famous Egyptian belly dancer has been put in prison.

Heaviest ever sumo wrestler gives diet advice

28th June – “Easier”

The world’s heaviest ever sumo wrestler has given health advice to other wrestlers.

Arctic Circle sees highest-ever temperatures

26th June – “Harder”

Temperatures in the Arctic Circle hit an all-time record on Saturday, with the mercury topping 38º Celsius.

Air bridges open to allow more people to travel

24th June – “Easier”

More air bridges are opening to allow more people to travel

Climate crisis threatens future of global sport

22nd June – “Harder”

Climate change will threaten global sports events over the next three decades.

Man fined $560 for farting at police

20th June – “Easier”

A man in Austria has been fined for farting loudly in front of police.

Free rice ATMs installed on Vietnam’s streets

18th June – “Harder”

A Vietnamese entrepreneur has come up with an ingenious idea to help hungry people in Vietnam.

Three baby ducks hatch from supermarket eggs

16th June – “Easier”

A woman received a big surprise when the duck eggs she bought from a supermarket hatched.

UK economy shrinks by 25 per cent

14th June – “Harder”

The UK economy has suffered its worst economic performance since a mini ice age over 300 years ago.

Statue of Belgian King taken down after protests

12th June – “Easier”

A statue of a former Belgian king was pulled down by anti-racism protestors.

China and India agree to peace over border

10th June – “Harder”

China and India have agreed to resolve a border dispute that was a worrying source of tension between them.

Black Lives Matter protests take place worldwide

8th June – “Easier”

Black Lives Matter protests have taken place around the world.

Scientists discover the world’s cleanest air

6th June – “Harder”

Scientists have discovered what they believe to be the cleanest air on Earth.

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 car is back

4th June – “Easier”

The U.S. motor vehicle manufacturer Ford Motor Company is bringing back its legendary Mustang Mach 1 car.

African Union condemns killing of George Floyd

2nd June – “Harder”

The killing of George Floyd in the city of Minneapolis on May the 25th has reverberated across the world.

No screaming in Japanese amusement parks

31st May – “Easier”

Visitors to Japan’s amusement parks should not scream on rollercoasters to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Cuckoo completes epic 12,000km migration

29th May – “Harder”

A cuckoo has just completed one of the longest migrations ever recorded by any bird.

Woman wins $1 million Picasso in charity raffle

27th May – “Easier”

A woman in Italy has suddenly become the owner of a Pablo Picasso painting.

Car rental group Hertz files for bankruptcy

25th May – “Harder”

The car rental company Hertz has filed for bankruptcy protection in the US.

Crucible – Amazon’s first major PC game released

23rd May – “Easier”

The online retail giant Amazon has released its first ever big-budget PC game.

UK colleges told to be truthful about online lessons

21st May – “Harder”

A regulatory body has warned universities and colleges to be honest about online lessons.

Bored penguins visit art museum

19th May – “Easier”

A group of penguins became a tour group for the day when they visited an art museum.

How Venus fly traps developed a liking for meat

17th May – “Harder”

New research sheds light on how carnivorous plants like the Venus fly trap developed a taste for meat.

Twitter employees can work at home forever

15th May – “Easier”

The boss of Twitter has told many of his employees that they can work from home forever if they want to.

Saudi Arabia to triple VAT to support economy

13th May – “Harder”

Saudi Arabia is going to triple the rate of the value added tax (VAT) it imposes on goods and services.

Over 19,000 pieces of stolen artwork found

11th May – “Easier”

Police from around the world have worked together to find lots of missing art.

Scientists say cold air rises

9th May – “Harder”

A study has found that there are circumstances in which cool air rises.

Giant hornets reach North America

7th May – “Easier”

There are some scary insects in this world. Few of them are as scary and as venomous as the Asian giant hornet.

Game of Thrones star smashes weightlifting record

5th May – “Harder”

The Game of Thrones actor Hafthor Bjornsson has set a world weightlifting record by lifting 501kg.

Aquarium asks people to video-call lonely eels

3rd May – “Easier”

An aquarium in Japan is asking people to help a group of eels that are getting lonely.

Sahara was most dangerous place in Earth’s history

1st May – “Harder”

A team of paleontologists has uncovered what they believe was the most dangerous place in the history of the Earth.

Google Meet video conferencing platform improved

29th April – “Easier”

Google has improved its video conferencing platform Meet to be able to compete with other platforms.

Doctors warn against disinfectant as coronavirus cure

27th April – “Harder”

Doctors around the world have issued strong warnings for people not to use disinfectant to treat coronavirus.

New Netflix subscribers surge during pandemic

25th April – “Easier”

Netflix has more than doubled the number of new subscribers it thought it would get this year.

New York allows online lockdown weddings

23rd April – “Harder”

The governor of New York has signed a special order permitting people to get married online.

People want a different life after lockdown

21st April – “Easier”

Only nine per cent of Britons want life to return to normal after the coronavirus outbreak is over.

99-year-old man raises $25 million for health service

19th April – “Harder”

A 99-year-old war veteran in the UK has raised over $25 million for the country’s health service.

50,000-year-old piece of string found

17th April – “Easier”

Archaeologists have discovered the oldest piece of string ever found.

U.K. leader thanks nurses for saving his life

15th April – “Harder”

The leader of the U.K. has thanked his country’s National Health Service for saving his life.

1991 was the best year for music

13th April – “Easier”

A UK radio station conducted a survey and found the best year for music was 1991.

Paris bans daytime exercise

11th April – “Harder”

Paris has banned people exercising outdoors during the day to try and stem the surge in the number of infections.

COVID-19 could cut wildlife trade

9th April – “Easier”

The trade in wildlife could be greatly cut after the coronavirus pandemic has finished.

Manga exhibition is British Museum’s biggest show

7th April – “Harder”

A manga exhibition proved to be the most popular show at the British Museum in 2019.

U.S. to encourage use of face masks

5th April – “Easier”

The USA could soon be encouraging Americans to wear face masks or scarves.

Computer translates brainwaves into sentences

3rd April – “Harder”

Scientists may soon be able to interpret what someone is saying simply by analysing their brainwaves.

Astronaut pee could help build moon bases

1st April – “Easier”

A new kind of concrete could be made with moon dust and the urine passed by astronauts.

Scientists find out why dogs’ noses are cold

30th March – “Harder”

Scientists think they have found out why a dog’s nose is cold.

Italy mayors scold people not following lockdown

28th March – “Easier”

Mayors across Italy are taking direct action to make sure people follow lockdown rules.

Numbers of black rhino on the rise

26th March – “Harder”

Conservationists have quiet cause for celebration over a rise in the numbers of the African black rhino.

WHO says young people also at risk from COVID-19

24th March – “Easier”

The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning young people all over the world that they are also at risk from COVID-19.

Canadians start ‘caremongering’ trend

22nd March – “Harder”

The word ‘caremongering’ started trending after acts of kindness in Canada.

The end of New York’s pay phones

20th March – “Easier”

The end is coming for New York’s public pay phones.

Louis Vuitton to make emergency hand sanitiser

18th March – “Harder”

Luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton will start making sanitiser to help fight the COVID-19 virus.

Coronavirus puts 50 million tourism jobs at risk

16th March – “Easier”

The coronavirus pandemic could cut up to 50 million jobs worldwide in the travel and tourism industry.

Sports events cancelled, COVID-19 fears over Olympics

14th March – “Harder”

The global spread of COVID-19 is playing havoc with sports events worldwide.

Amazon starts selling cashier-less technology

12th March – “Easier”

The online retail giant Amazon will start selling its cashier-less technology to any store or retail outlet that wants it.

Panic buying sparks toilet paper shortages

10th March – “Harder”

People worldwide have been emptying supermarket shelves of toilet paper over coronavirus fears.

Men start washing hands because of coronavirus

8th March – “Easier”

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has made more men wash their hands more often, especially after going to the toilet.

Half of world’s beaches could disappear by 2100

6th March – “Harder”

Rising sea levels could see the demise of half of the world’s beaches by the end of this century.

Parents angry as COVID-19 shuts schools for a month

4th March – “Easier”

Japan and Hong Kong have closed their elementary, junior-high and high schools until April.

George Clooney ‘saddened’ over child labour links

2nd March – “Harder”

The Oscar-winning actor and director George Clooney has spoken about allegations of child labour.

Microsoft Flight Simulator includes all world airports

29th February – “Easier”

The Microsoft airplane game Flight Simulator has been upgraded to include every airport in the world.

Japan to start selling sliced mayonnaise

27th February – “Harder”

A food manufacturer in Japan has invented a new product that seems destined to become a huge, global bestseller – sliced mayonnaise.

London St Pancras best railway station in Europe

25th February – “Easier”

A railway station in London has been named as the best station in Europe for passengers.

Big breakfasts help us burn double the calories

23rd February – “Harder”

Researchers have revealed that eating a big breakfast could help us to lose weight.

Criminals have smaller brain size, says study

21st February – “Easier”

Antisocial people are more likely to have smaller areas of their brain.

Illegal teeth whitening could damage health

19th February – “Harder”

A new report says illegal teeth whitening is putting people at risk of serious health problems.

Scientists start huge search for ET

17th February – “Easier”

Scientists have launched a new search to find out if there is… anybody… out there.

New York City bans cashless stores

15th February – “Harder”

Lawmakers in NYC have passed a bill to ban cashless businesses.

Brazil sends security force to fight deforestation

13th February – “Easier”

Brazil has asked its security forces to help fight deforestation in the Amazon.

Mass wedding goes ahead in Korea despite coronavirus

11th February – “Harder”

Six thousand couples decided not to let the coronavirus deter them from celebrating their happy day.

Finland gives parents 7-month parental leave

9th February – “Easier”

Finland is giving new parents more time to spend with their babies.

Worst locust invasion in East Africa in 70 years

7th February – “Harder”

The livelihood of farmers and other food growers in East Africa is under attack from locusts.

Soybean products may help you live longer

5th February – “Easier”

A higher intake of fermented soy products may be associated with a lower risk of mortality.

Critics unimpressed by U.S. Space Force uniform

3rd February – “Harder”

The U.S. military has officially unveiled the uniforms for its newly created Space Force.

Oxford comma missing from Brexit coin

1st February – “Easier”

The U.K. government’s new coin to mark Brexit is at the centre of an argument about punctuation.

Pasta is now a vegetable in U.S. schools

30th January – “Harder”

Pasta has been reclassified as a vegetable in U.S. schools.

Astronauts bake first ever cookies in space

28th January – “Easier”

Astronauts on the International Space Station have made the universe’s first ever space-baked cookies.

Stress really does turn your hair grey

26th January – “Harder”

Scientists have discovered that stress is one factor in turning our hair grey.

China coronavirus heightens global alarm

24th January – “Easier”

The world is preparing for a possible major outbreak of a new deadly virus.

China plans to reduce single-use plastics

22nd January – “Harder”

China has unveiled ambitious plans to drastically reduce single-use plastics by 2025.

One in five deaths worldwide due to sepsis

20th January – “Easier”

Everyone knows the names of big killers like cancer, but one in five deaths is due to sepsis.

Denmark is the best country to raise kids

18th January – “Harder”

Scandinavia has ranked as the best place in the world to raise children, with Denmark being number one.

Japan tycoon needs ‘life partner’ for moon visit

16th January – “Easier”

A Japanese billionaire is looking for a “special someone” to join him on a trip to the moon in 2023.

Brake pads could harm our immune system

14th January – “Harder”

There is a newly-found menace on the roads that could be harming our health – brake pads.

Prince Harry to leave UK to live in Canada

12th January – “Easier”

Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry has decided to leave the UK.

Sadio Mane named African footballer of the year

10th January – “Harder”

Senegal’s Sadio Mane has been named as the Confederation of African Football’s Player of the Year.

Japan looking at escape of ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

8th January – “Easier”

The Japanese government will make its border stronger after ex-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn fled to Lebanon.

Iran promises revenge after assassination of Soleimani

6th January – “Harder”

Iran has promised it will get revenge for the assassination of its general Qassem Soleimani.

Breast cancer tests better with Google Health AI

4th January – “Easier”

Doctors have a new tool to use when diagnosing breast cancer. It is called Google Health.

The 2020s are here – Happy New Decade

2nd January – “Harder”

As the clock struck twelve to herald the arrival of the 2020s, people wondered what the new decade will bring.

Fortnite most influential video game of the decade

31st December – “Easier”

A technology website has released its list of the most influential video games of the decade.

Satellites may obscure our views of the stars

29th January – “Harder”

Astronomers worry that 46,000 new satellites will obscure our view of space.

Chimpanzees love dancing, say researchers

27th December – “Easier”

A new study shows that chimpanzees could appreciate music.

Head transplants possible by 2030, say doctors

25th December – “Harder”

Like something from science fiction or a horror movie, a neurosurgeon said head transplants could be possible by the year 2030.

Live concerts and museums help you live longer

23rd December – “Easier”

Researchers have found that people who go to live concerts, shows and museums can live longer.

Donald Trump impeached

21st December – “Harder”

Donald Trump has been impeached by the House of Representatives in the USA.

Mariah Carey Xmas hit number 1 after 25 years

19th December – “Easier”

Mariah Carey has got to number one in the music charts with her classic song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

Scientists create plastic that repels all bacteria

17th December – “Harder”

A revolutionary new plastic could help to prevent bacteria and superbugs causing disease and illness.

Greta Thunberg is TIME’s Person of the Year

15th December – “Easier”

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has been named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year for 2019.

Bougainville may be the world’s next country

13th December – “Harder”

The people of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea have voted overwhelmingly for independence.

Finnish woman, 34, to be world’s youngest prime minister

11th December – “Easier”

Finnish woman, 34, to be world’s youngest prime minister

Sydney bush fires combine to form ‘mega-fire’

9th December – “Harder”

Firefighters in the Australia are battling what is being dubbed a “mega-fire” north of the city of Sydney.

Sugar overdose warning for coffee chain festive drinks

7th December – “Easier”

A health group has warned people to be careful about how much sugar is in their drinks in coffee shops.

Apostrophe Protection Society says goodbye

5th December – “Harder”

A defender of the use of the apostrophe has quit his decades-long battle for the correct use of the punctuation mark.

World champ Go master quits as A.I. is too good

3rd December – “Easier”

A world champion has retired because he has decided humans cannot beat computers at his game.

Stretching may not prevent jogging injuries

1st December – “Harder”

Researchers have debunked a myth about the importance of stretching before jogging.

China overtakes USA for most diplomatic posts

29th November – “Easier”

China is now the country with the most diplomatic posts around the world.

Pope calls for global nuclear disarmament

27th November – “Harder”

Pope Francis has called on nations to end their nuclear arms race while on a tour to Japan.

Apple removes customer reviews from online stores

25th November – “Easier”

The computer giant Apple has removed all customer reviews from several of its online Apple stores.

Rock band Coldplay not touring to save environment

23rd November – “Harder”

Coldplay has announced it will not be going on tour to promote its latest album because of possible environmental damage.

Onion emergency in Bangladesh

21st November – “Easier”

Many people in Bangladesh are finding it difficult to buy onions

Online shopping addiction is a mental illness

19th November – “Harder”

The allure of shopping at home for bargains and treats can turn into an addiction.

Scientists warn insect apocalypse is coming

17th November – “Easier”

Scientists say a major threat to humans is the falling numbers of insects and the extinction of many species.

Bolivian senator declares herself acting president

15th November – “Harder”

Bolivia has a new leader. She is opposition senator Jeanine Áñez.

Airlines create extra CO2 by ‘fuel-tankering’

13th November – “Easier”

Many airlines use “fuel-tankering” to save money but it is very bad for the environment.

Saudi Aramco IPO starts November 17

11th November – “Harder”

Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil producer, will float its shares on the Saudi Stock Exchange.

Typhoon-damaged bullet trains scrapped in Japan

9th November – “Easier”

Ten of Japan’s famous bullet trains will be scrapped after getting caught in floods.

A 4-day work week in Japan increased productivity

7th November – “Harder”

The technology company Microsoft has said it successfully trialed a four-day working week in Japan

United Nations warns world to quit ‘coal addiction’

5th November – “Easier”

The United Nations Secretary-General has told world leaders to end their addiction to coal.

Chefs angry at New York foie gras ban

3rd November – “Harder”

Many top chefs in New York City are up in arms over a proposed ban on foie gras.

Modern humans came from Botswana

1st November – “Easier”

A new study claims that the origin of modern humans is in Botswana.

Russian eagle creates huge data roaming phone bill

28th October – “Easier”

Scientists in Russia got a shock when their phone bill arrived.

The climbing of Australia’s Uluru now banned

26th October – “Harder”

Uluru, the world’s largest monolith, is now officially off-limits to tourists and climbers.

Soccer players more at risk of dementia

24th October – “Easier”

Researchers from a university in the UK have found that playing soccer can damage mental health.

Most of Europe’s most-wanted criminals are women

22nd October – “Harder”

The majority of the most-wanted fugitives in Europe are women.

World’s fastest ant like 580kph human

20th October – “Easier”

Scientists have discovered the world’s fastest ant. It is the Saharan silver ant.

Turkey rejects calls for ceasefire in Syria

18th October – “Harder”

Donald Trump has asked Turkey to end its military actions in northern Syria.

Slow walking speed at 45 linked to faster ageing

16th October – “Easier”

People who walk more slowly at the age of 45 may be more likely to age faster.

Ethiopia leader Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize

14th October – “Harder”

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

UK might ban food on public transport

12th October – “Easier”

The United Kingdom’s government is thinking about banning all food and drink on public transport.

Saturn now the planet with the most moons

10th October – “Harder”

Astronomers have promoted Saturn as the planet with the most moons.

Paralyzed man walks using robotic suit

8th October – “Easier”

A man who is paralyzed from below his shoulders has been able to walk using a robotic suit.

TripAdvisor stops selling tickets for dolphin shows

6th October – “Harder”

TripAdvisor has decided to stop selling tickets to attractions and aquariums that have marine creatures.

Living by the sea makes us happier

4th October – “Easier”

New research suggests that people who live close to the ocean or sea are happier.

People told to avoid skin-lightening creams

2nd October – “Harder”

Local governments in the UK have warned consumers about the use of some skin-lightening creams.

Saudi Arabia opens up to tourism

30th September – “Easier”

There is a new destination on the world tourism map – Saudi Arabia.

Wasabi gives woman broken-heart syndrome

28th September – “Harder”

A woman ended up in hospital after eating a large amount of the spicy condiment wasabi by mistake.

Eating nuts could help us to keep slim

26th September – “Easier”

New research says eating nuts could be a valuable, tasty and nutritious slimming aid.

Hospitals get vintage makeover to help dementia

24th September – “Harder”

Hospitals in the United Kingdom are adapting to help people who suffer from dementia.

Canada’s Justin Trudeau apologizes for brownface photo

22nd September – “Easier”

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has apologized for a photo of him in brownface.

The word ‘they’ is now also a singular pronoun

20th September – “Harder”

Merriam-Webster has added a new definition of the pronoun “they” to its famous Webster’s Dictionary.

Oil prices rise after Saudi drone attacks

18th September – “Easier”

Oil prices soared on Monday after the drone attacks on oil plants in Saudi Arabia.

Giving children time-outs won’t harm them

16th September – “Harder”

There is good news for parents who are in two minds about the merits of using time-outs.

World’s most electrifying eel found in Amazon

14th September – “Easier”

Scientists have discovered a new species of electric eel that is truly shocking.

Asteroid rock layers reveal how the dinosaurs died

12th September – “Harder”

Scientists say they have unearthed details of how the dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago.

73-year-old woman gives birth to twins

10th September – “Easier”

A 73-year-old woman in India has given birth to twins.

South Korea wants 2020 Olympics Rising Sun flag ban

8th September – “Harder”

South Korea asked for a ban on the Rising Sun Flag at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Deepfake app puts your face in famous movie scenes

6th September – “Easier”

A new online technique called deepfake is causing people to be worried about more fake news.

Vegan fashion is becoming more popular

4th September – “Harder”

There has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of veganism around the world in the past decade.

Luxury 51-country, 8-month cruise sets sail

2nd September – “Easier”

The cruise of a lifetime set sail from London on Sunday.

Beekeeper says bears prefer premium honey

31st August – “Harder”

Bears have a particular penchant for the best quality, most expensive honey.

Positive thinking helps us live longer

29th August – “Easier”

Positive thinkers are more likely to live longer than negative thinkers.

Endangered sharks and rays get more protection

27th August – “Harder”

There is international agreement on the protection of 18 threatened species of sharks and rays.

Amazon rainforest fires are an international crisis

25th August – “Easier”

Fires are burning in the Amazon rainforest at an alarming rate.

Parents happier after their children leave home

23rd August – “Harder”

Many of us believe that having children is the key to happiness and a perfect family life.

Donald Trump interested in buying Greenland

21st August – “Easier”

U.S. President Donald Trump has said he is interested in buying the territory of Greenland.

Stare at seagulls to stop them stealing your food

19th August – “Harder”

Researchers have come up with a useful tactic to deter seagulls from stealing your picnic sandwiches.

Full stop seen as rude in text messages

17th August – “Easier”

A language expert says using a full stop to end sentences in text messages can look rude

Simone Biles makes more gymnastics history

15th August – “Harder”

U.S. gymnast Simone Biles is continuing to make history with her jaw-dropping feats.

United Kingdom could break up, warns ex-leader

13th August – “Easier”

A former leader of the UK warned the union of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could end.

Lebanon newspaper publishes ‘no news’ protest edition

11th August – “Harder”

Lebanon’s only English-language daily newspaper published an edition on Thursday without any news.

Child-sized parrot once lived in New Zealand

9th August – “Easier”

Scientists have found fossils that once belonged to a giant parrot.

Hong Kong protests ‘extremely dangerous,’ says leader

7th August – “Harder”

Hong Kong’s leader Carrie Lam has voiced her concerns about the ongoing protests taking place in Hong Kong.

Dentist removes 526 teeth from 7-year-old

5th August – “Easier”

A dentist in Chennai, India has removed 526 miniature teeth from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy.

Ethiopia plants 350 million trees in 12 hours

3rd August – “Harder”

Ethiopia has broken the world record for the largest number of trees planted in one day.

South Korea football fans’ anger at Ronaldo no-show

1st August – “Easier”

Football fans in South Korea are planning to sue Italian soccer giants Juventus and its star player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Young people are not watching TV news

30th July – “Harder”

Young people in Great Britain are watching less and less news on television.

Arctic wildfires visible from space

28th July – “Easier”

Hundreds of huge wildfires have broken out all across the Arctic Circle.

Boris Johnson becomes UK’s new leader

26th July – “Harder”

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson became the UK’s new Prime Minister.

Rescuers help airlift thousands of salmon to safety

24th July – “Easier”

A team of rescuers is working hard to help airlift thousands of salmon in Canada to safety.

Father of modern computing to appear on banknote

22nd July – “Harder”

Alan Turing, the man widely recognised as being the father of modern computer science, will appear on a United Kingdom banknote.

Egypt opens ancient pyramids for first time since 1960s

20th July – “Easier”

Egypt has opened two of its oldest pyramids, about 40 kilometers south of Cairo.

Big education publisher to end printed textbooks

18th July – “Harder”

The world’s largest education publisher, Pearson, has said it will gradually phase out printed textbooks.

Insects really feel pain, says new research

16th July – “Easier”

New research shows that insects feel pain but not the same kind of pain that humans feel.

Turkey’s Russian missile defense system purchase angers U.S.

14th July – “Harder”

Relations between the USA and Turkey have soured following the purchase by Turkey of a Russian missile defense system.

Amazon Alexa to answer questions on health

12th July – “Easier”

Technology has taken another step in helping us with our healthcare. We can now ask the digital device Alexa for advice.

UK ambassador to US says White House is inept

10th July – “Harder”

Relations between the UK and USA have soured after the leak of diplomatic cables.

Teenager sells her old bath water in bottles

8th July – “Easier”

A woman in England is selling her bathwater. It is so popular that the water has sold out.

Japan begins commercial whaling after 30 years

6th July – “Harder”

Japan has resumed commercial whaling after a hiatus of over three decades.

Smoking can damage the eyes

4th July – “Easier”

Scientists are warning that people who smoke are in danger of damaging their eyes.

Scientists ‘close’ to cure for baldness

2nd July – “Harder”

Scientists say they believe they are close to finding a cure for baldness.

Dutch railway to compensate Holocaust victims

30th June – “Easier”

Holland’s national railway company is going to compensate victims of the Holocaust.

Kim Kardashian West angers Japan over ‘kimono’

28th June – “Harder”

Kim Kardashian West has angered people in Japan after launching a new line of lingerie called ‘Kimono Intimates’.

Team sport training best for all-round fitness

26th June – “Easier”

Training as part of a sports team is the best way to improve all-round fitness.

Zero-carbon power bigger than fossil fuels in UK

24th June – “Harder”

The UK is being powered more by zero-carbon fuels than fossil fuels.

‘Cat-fox’ found in France could be new species

22nd June – “Easier”

Wildlife experts have discovered an unusual animal that they believe could be a new species – a ‘cat-fox’.

Facebook to launch a global crypto-currency

20th June – “Harder”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to unveil details to create a new global crypto-currency.

Smartphone use could be changing shape of our skull

18th June – “Easier”

Scientists say that smartphones are changing the shape of people’s skulls.

Tensions over oil-tanker attacks in Gulf of Oman

16th June – “Harder”

Tensions are rising in the Middle East over the latest attacks on oil tankers.

Anger as work starts on Machu Picchu airport

14th June – “Easier”

The world-famous Inca site Machu Picchu in Peru is going to get an airport.

Drones used to battle tortoise-killing ravens

12th June – “Harder”

Drones are flying to the defence of tortoises that are being killed by ravens in California’s Mojave Desert.

23 million men married before they were 15

10th June – “Easier”

UNICEF has issued a report estimating that 115 million boys and men were married as children.

China’s Huawei will build Russia’s 5G network

8th June – “Harder”

The Chinese technology company Huawei will set up Russia’s 5G communications network.

Cartoon character ban could come to candy bars

6th June – “Easier”

Candy and chocolate manufacturers in the UK may have to stop using cartoon characters on their products.

Scientists puzzled by flashes on the moon

4th June – “Harder”

Scientists across the world are puzzled as to why there are flashes appearing on the surface of the moon.

WHO says burnout is a medical problem

2nd June – “Easier”

Burnout has been defined by the WHO as a medical problem.

Anger at TV show with big age difference couples

31st May – “Harder”

A TV channel is under fire for one of its programmes that follows the lives of couples with a big age difference.

Scientists hope to find cure for snakebites

29th May – “Easier”

Scientists are hoping to find a universal cure for snakebite.

Alabama state sued over abortion bill

27th May – “Harder”

Two high-profile groups in the USA have filed a lawsuit to challenge the near-total abortion ban in the state of Alabama.

Japanese city asks tourists to stop ‘sand graffiti’

25th May – “Easier”

A city in Japan is having a problem with sand graffiti.

Billionaire to pay off student debt for class of 2019

23rd May – “Harder”

University students receiving their diplomas at a college in the USA got the surprise of their lives.

Over a million call for Game of Thrones re-make

21st May – “Easier”

Over a million viewers of the Game of Thrones TV show signed a petition to get the final season to be remade.

Parents risk jail for raising children as vegans

19th May – “Harder”

Doctors in Belgium have stated that raising children on a vegan diet is “unethical” and should be a criminal offence.

San Francisco bans facial recognition software

17th May – “Easier”

San Francisco has become the first city in the USA to ban facial recognition software.

Doctors give better care in the morning

15th May – “Harder”

The quality of medical care you receive from doctors could depend on the time of the day you visit a hospital.

Cuba starts rationing food and other products

13th May – “Easier”

Cuba’s government has announced that it is starting the rationing of food and other basic products.

Online store slammed for selling Auschwitz skirts

11th May – “Harder”

An online store has come under a storm of criticism for selling items with images of Auschwitz.

Garbage collectors start library with abandoned books

9th May – “Easier”

Garbage collectors in the Turkish capital Ankara are recycling the books they find in the trash.

Breakthrough in bio-printing of new body organs

7th May – “Harder”

Scientists say they have greatly advanced the possibility of being able to reproduce the body’s organs via the use of 3D printing.

Japan university to hire non-smoking staff only

5th May – “Easier”

A university in Japan has said it will no longer hire teachers who smoke.

Could a friendly beluga whale be a spy?

3rd May – “Harder”

A professor at a university in Norway believes a beluga whale found in the Arctic Ocean could be a spy.

Japan has a new emperor

1st May – “Easier”

A Japanese emperor has abdicated for the first time in more than 200 years.

Anti-vaxxers blamed for 300% rise in measles

29th April – “Harder”

UNICEF has reported that measles cases worldwide have surged by 300% in the first three months of 2019.

Premier League footballers earned $3.7bn last season

27th April – “Easier”

Football players in the UK’s Premier League clubs were paid over $3.7 billion last season.

Police arrest 1,000 Extinction Rebellion protestors

25th April – “Harder”

The police in London have arrested more than 1,000 protestors in the past week.

At least 207 die in Sri Lanka blasts

23rd April – “Easier”

At least 207 people have been killed and 450 hurt in separate explosions in Sri Lanka.

Hero dad saves baby son from wild dingo

21st April – “Harder”

A father in Australia is being hailed as a hero after saving his baby son from the jaws of a wild dingo.

One billion dollars promised to rebuild Notre Dame

19th April – “Easier”

People have donated over one billion dollars to help rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Japan starts nuclear fuel removal from Fukushima

17th April – “Harder”

Japan has started removing fuel rods from the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

Name of new Star Wars movie announced

15th April – “Easier”

There is good news for fans of the Star Wars movies. There will be another episode. It will be the ninth film.

Astronomers release first ever photo of black hole

13th April – “Harder”

Astronomers have taken the first ever photograph of a black hole. It is located in a far, distant galaxy called M87.

Hidden camera in hotel room films family

11th April – “Easier”

A family from New Zealand had a shock when they found a hidden camera in their hotel room.

Hip-hop is the best music to mature cheese

9th April – “Harder”

Scientists have discovered that different genres of music affect the way cheese matures.

Huge ‘Mission Jurassic’ dinosaur dig to start

7th April – “Easier”

This year will see one of the world’s biggest ever dinosaur digs. Paleontologists from across the globe will go to a special site.

Saudi capital city to get $23 billion makeover

5th April – “Harder”

Saudi Arabia’s government has announced it will invest a whopping $23 billion in a massive makeover for its capital city, Riyadh.

Japanese women rebel against high heels

3rd April – “Easier”

Women across Japan are fed up with having to wear high-heeled shoes to work.

Passwords to be replaced by Web Authentication

1st April – “Harder”

It looks like login usernames and passwords are set to be replaced by a more secure system called Web Authentication.

Europe’s cars to have speed limiters

30th March – “Easier”

All new cars sold in Europe from 2022 will have technology to limit their speed.

Paper books better than e-books for bedtime stories

28th March – “Harder”

A new study shows that paper books are better than e-books for bedtime reading.

Head teacher has to clean school toilets

26th March – “Easier”

Head teachers at schools in the UK do not have enough money to pay for cleaners or canteen staff.

Balloons deadliest plastic for seabirds

24th March – “Harder”

A study discovered that balloons were the deadliest kind of plastic for seabirds.

Business suits and ties worn less and less

22nd March – “Easier”

More and more companies around the world are telling staff they do not need to wear a suit and tie.

Cheaper rail tickets for Germany’s women

20th March – “Harder”

Women in Germany will be able to enjoy cheaper rail travel on Monday.

Anger over Christchurch video on social media

18th March – “Easier”

People are angry because the video of the massacre at a mosque in Christchurch is still on social media sites.

Boeing grounds 737 Max aircraft worldwide

16th March – “Harder”

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing has grounded the entire global fleet of its 737 Max aircraft.

Inventor of World Wide Web says it must change

14th March – “Easier”

The inventor of the World Wide Web said he was worried about how people are using it.

Dog walking can be harmful for older people

12th March – “Harder”

New research shows that taking the dog for a walk can have its downsides for seniors.

Finland’s government resigns

10th March – “Easier”

Finland’s entire government has resigned. It wanted to pass some laws on social welfare and healthcare reform.

Kylie Jenner becomes world’s youngest billionaire

8th March – “Harder”

Entrepreneur, social media star and model Kylie Jenner has become the world’s youngest self-made billionaire.

Scientists gave mice night vision

6th March – “Easier”

Would you like to be able to see in the dark? One day this might be possible.

Satellites launched to provide worldwide Internet

4th March – “Harder”

A company has successfully launched its first satellites in a project aimed at delivering “affordable” Internet access to every corner of the globe.

Kashmir crisis halts flights to Pakistan

2nd March – “Easier”

Tensions are growing between India and Pakistan. Many people are worried that the two nuclear-armed countries are heading for war.

UN in record aid appeal for Yemen

28th February – “Harder”

The United Nations has launched an appeal to raise $4.2 billion in aid to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

School children go on strike for climate

26th February – “Easier”

School children around the world have been going on strike. They are unhappy that their governments are doing too little to fight climate change.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat set to inherit millions

24th February – “Harder”

News is emerging that Karl Lagerfeld’s pet cat could inherit millions of dollars.

ISIS bride stripped of her British citizenship

22nd February – “Easier”

A 19-year-old woman who ran away from the U.K. to join ISIS has been stripped of her British citizenship.

Japan to recognize Ainu indigenous people for first time

20th February – “Harder”

The Japanese government has introduced a bill to recognize the country’s ethnic Ainu minority group.

Going to bed early is better for us

18th February – “Easier”

Scientists have found that people who go to bed before 11pm may do better in life

Airbus to end production of A380 airplane

16th February – “Easier”

The airplane maker Airbus has announced plans to cease production of its A380 aircraft.

Dozens of polar bears invade Russian town

14th February – “Easier”

Polar bears on an island in Russia are scaring people in a small town. At least 52 polar bears have been seen.

Statue of Haile Selassie unveiled at African Union

12th February – “Harder”

The African Union has unveiled a statue of Ethiopia’s Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Man sues parents for being born

10th February – “Easier”

A man in India is suing his parents because they did not ask him if he wanted to be born.

Russia planning to develop more missiles

8th February – “Harder”

Russia has responded to the USA withdrawing from an arms treaty by announcing it has plans to build more missiles.

We may be able to learn vocabulary while sleeping

6th February – “Easier”

A new study shows that we could learn vocabulary while we are sleeping.

EU angers UK by calling Gibraltar a ‘colony’

4th February – “Harder”

The United Kingdom has objected to the European Union’s use of the word “colony” to describe the island of Gibraltar.

Deadly polar vortex freezes mid-America

2nd February – “Easier”

Much of mid- and northeastern America is in the middle of a deadly cold snap.

China’s Huawei rejects US criminal charges

31st January – “Harder”

A new diplomatic spat has broken out between China and the USA over the treatment of the technology giant Huawei.

Crocodiles moved from world’s tallest statue

29th January – “Easier”

Workers in India are moving over 300 crocodiles from their home because they are too near a new tourist sight.

Slim people’s genes help them stay slim

27th January – “Harder”

New research suggests that people’s genes are key to helping them stay slim.

Germany thinking about speed limit on autobahn

25th January – “Easier”

Germany may put a speed limit on its world famous autobahn network of highways.

World’s 26 richest as rich as poorer half of world

23rd January – “Harder”

The combined fortune of 26 of the world’s richest people is equal to the total wealth of the 3.8 billion poorest people.

Fortnite more popular than TV for young people

21st January – “Easier”

The video game Fortnite is more popular than television, movies and streaming videos among young people.

Homes for sale in Italy for one euro

19th January – “Harder”

It sounds like a dream come true for anyone looking to get on the property ladder – a home for one euro.

China grows plants on the moon

17th January – “Easier”

For the first time ever, plants from Earth are growing on the moon.

Saudi teen welcomed as refugee in Canada

15th January – “Harder”

The teenage Saudi asylum seeker who fled Saudi Arabia two weeks ago has been granted asylum by Canada.

Macedonia agrees to change its name

13th January – “Easier”

The Republic of Macedonia has decided to change its name to the Republic of North Macedonia.

Mastercard removes its name from its logo

11th January – “Harder”

The world-famous credit card company Mastercard is removing its name from its company logo.

Eye tests available on your smartphone

9th January – “Easier”

There is new technology that means we may no longer need to go to the optician for an eye test.

China first to land on dark side of the moon

7th January – “Harder”

China has become the first nation ever to successfully land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

The USA and Israel quit UNESCO

4th January – “Easier”

The United States and Israel have officially quit UNESCO.

The year 2019 to be the best ever

1st January – “Harder”

There are reports that the year 2019 will be the best ever.

Japan chooses ‘disaster’ to describe 2018

28th December – “Easier”

The year 2018 is coming to an end. For some people it was a great year, and for other people it wasn’t so great.

US government shutdown over border wall

25th December – “Harder”

The U.S. government will partially shut down over Christmas due to a lack of agreement the border wall with Mexico.

‘Eco-warriors’ blamed for UK airport shutdown

23rd December – “Easier”

A drone shut down England’s second largest airport for 30 hours earlier this week.

Woman to catch up with men’s pay in 200 years

21st December – “Harder”

There is still a long way to go before women achieve economic equality with men. Centuries, in fact.

Train drivers in UK earn more than pilots

19th December – “Easier”

Newspapers in England are reporting that subway train drivers get paid more than pilots, doctors, police officers and nurses.

New Sesame Street character highlights homelessness

17th December – “Harder”

The famous children’s TV show Sesame Street has a new character to highlight the plight of homeless children.

Ninja to help promote tourism in Japan

15th December – “Easier”

Japan will use ninja to help boost tourism over the next few years. Ninja will help to promote the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

‘Yellow Vests’ protests to continue in France

13th December – “Harder”

France is experiencing social unrest it has not experienced for generations.

Japan prepares for many foreign workers

11th December – “Easier”

Japan is changing its immigration policy because it needs workers. Japan is an aging society. This means it does not have enough workers.

UAE passport world’s ‘most powerful’

9th December – “Harder”

The passport of the United Arab Emirates has risen to the top spot on the list of the world’s most powerful passports.

Rare white reindeer photographed in Norway

7th December – “Easier”

A man from Norway has photographed a rare white reindeer calf – in time for Christmas.

Court says ‘Kiwi’ is not a racist term

5th December – “Harder”

A court in Australia has judged that the use of the word “Kiwi” to describe a person from New Zealand is not discriminatory.

Algeria is the new ‘cradle of civilization’

3rd December – “Easier”

Scientists now believe that Algeria and not East Africa is the cradle of civilization.

UN declares reggae a world cultural treasure

1st December – “Harder”

The United Nations has officially recognized reggae as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

Work over 80 hours a week to change the world

29th November – “Easier”

Elon Musk, has said that people need to work over 80 hours per week to “change the world”.

Dim the Sun to limit global warming, say scientists

27th November – “Harder”

Scientists have come up with a revolutionary new idea to save planet Earth from global warming.

DNA could decide whether you like coffee or tea

25th November – “Easier”

New research suggests that our DNA helps us to decide whether we prefer coffee or tea.

Michelle Obama’s book best-selling of 2018

23rd November – “Harder”

The new autobiography penned by the former First Lady of the USA Michelle Obama has stormed to the top of the bestseller lists.

Conception to birth sculptures unveiled in Qatar

21st November – “Easier”

A new artwork has been unveiled in Doha, Qatar. The new artwork was created by the British artist Damien Hirst.

Elvis Presley gets Presidential Medal of Freedom

19th November – “Harder”

The legendary rock ‘n’ roll singer Elvis Presley has been posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

British Prime Minister battles to save Brexit

17th November – “Easier”

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May is battling to save the Brexit divorce deal with the European Union, and her job.

Calls for ban on sugary ‘freakshake’ milkshakes

15th November – “Harder”

The campaign group A health group wants to ban the ‘freakshake’ milkshake that is packed with ‘grotesque’ levels of sugar.

Posting selfies on social media can be bad

13th November – “Easier”

Using social media too much and posting many selfies have caused a rise in narcissism, according to a new study.

Colour photos to mark 100 years of end of WW1

11th November – “Harder”

New photographs have been released to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War on November 11, 1918.

Disgusting Food Museum opens in Sweden

9th November – “Easier”

The Disgusting Food Museum opened earlier this week in Malmo, Sweden.

U.S. re-imposes sanctions on Iran

7th November – “Harder”

The USA has re-imposed tough economic sanctions on Iran.

Lie detector tests at airports are coming

5th November – “Easier”

Several airports in Europe will start giving lie detector tests to passengers.

Babies of older fathers may be less healthy

3rd November – “Harder”

A study from Stanford University in the USA reports that babies of older fathers may be more likely to have health problems.

Sixty per cent of wildlife gone since 1970

1st November – “Easier”

Earth is losing wildlife at a faster rate than at any time in history. This is according to the new “Living Planet Report”.

French climber banned from scaling UK buildings

30th October – “Harder”

A French stuntman who specializes in scaling skyscrapers has been banned from climbing any building in the UK.

Canada doctors using art to treat patients

28th October – “Easier”

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada has teamed up with a group of doctors to help sick people.

Huge migrant caravan heads to USA

26th October – “Harder”

A caravan of more than 7,000 migrants is embarking on a thousand-kilometre journey through Mexico to the USA.

Longest sea bridge links Hong Kong to China

24th October – “Easier”

The world’s longest sea bridge has opened. It links Hong Kong and Macau to mainland China.

Sagrada Familia gets building permit 136 years late

22nd October – “Harder”

Barcelona’s world-famous La Sagrada Familia basilica has finally been given a building permit 136 years late.

‘Mansize’ tissues renamed for being sexist

20th October – “Easier”

The tissue company Kimberly-Clark is putting an end to its “Mansize” brand of tissues after people said the name was sexist.

Mystery deepens over Khashoggi disappearance

18th October – “Harder”

The disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is descending into greater mystery.

Nicer people are poorer, says study

16th October – “Easier”

New research shows that nicer people are likely to be poorer than people who are not so nice.

Malaysia to abolish the death penalty

14th October – “Harder”

The Malaysian government has stated it intends to abolish the death penalty in a move that has been welcomed by human rights campaigners.

France wants its prisons blurred on Internet maps

12th October – “Easier”

France’s government has asked Google to blur all images of French prisons on the Internet.

Anger over horse race ad on Sydney Opera House

10th October – “Harder”

There is public outcry in Australia over controversial plans to use the Sydney Opera House as a “billboard” to advertise a horse race.

World-famous Tsukiji fish market closes

8th October – “Easier”

Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji fish market has closed after 83 years of trading. It shut permanently at noon on Saturday.

University to replace clapping with hand-waving

6th October – “Harder”

A university in the UK has voted to replace hand clapping with ‘jazz-hand waving’.

Restaurants forced to give all tips to staff

4th October – “Easier”

Restaurants in the UK will soon have to give all tips to their staff.

Baghdad University gets into world rankings

2nd October – “Harder”

The University of Baghdad has made it onto the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

French fries will be 3cm shorter

28th September – “Easier”

A poor potato harvest in Europe this summer could mean French fries are up to three centimeters shorter than usual.

Rugby players to hide tattoos in Japan

24th September – “Harder”

Rugby players with tattoos are being asked to cover them up during next year’s World Cup in Japan.

Restaurant bans customer for eating too much

20th September – “Easier”

A sushi restaurant in Germany has banned a customer for eating too much food.

Tanzania’s president advises against birth control

16th September – “Harder”

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has advised women in his country to stop taking birth control pills.

U.S. to spend $2 billion on artificial intelligence weapons

12th September – “Easier”

The USA is going to spend up to $2 billion on artificial intelligence weapons.

Nike uses NFL protest player in ad campaign

8th September – “Harder”

The sportswear maker Nike has announced it will use American football player Colin Kaepernick in its advertising campaign.

Astronauts plug space station hole with finger

4th September – “Easier”

Astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station have fixed a hole in the shell of the International Space Station.

Air pollution damages intelligence, says study

1st September – “Harder”

Scientists have revealed that air pollution may be responsible for a significant reduction in intelligence.

Honey better for coughs than antibiotics

28th August – “Easier”

Doctors in the United Kingdom have some new advice for people with coughs.

Australian Muslims pray for rain during Eid

25th August – “Harder”

Tens of thousands of Muslims in Australia have gathered to pray for rain for Australia’s drought-afflicted farmers.

New Pakistan prime minister makes many promises

22nd August – “Easier”

The new prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has made many promises to change his country.

Are countries trying to end US dollar’s power?

19th August – “Harder”

Russia’s Foreign Minister suggested the U.S. dollar could be losing its status as the world’s most important currency.

Tonga prime minister challenges leaders to lose weight

16th August – “Easier”

The prime minister of Tonga has challenged leaders of other Pacific nations to lose weight.

French theme park uses crows to pick up litter

13th August – “Harder”

A theme park in France has established a novel and environmentally-friendly way of keeping its grounds free of litter.

UK politician says burka is ‘bank robber’ clothing

10th August – “Easier”

The United Kingdom’s former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of racism.

People get surgery to look like Snapchat filters

8th August – “Harder”

More people are seeking and having facial procedures to look like their Snapchat selfies.

Scientists solve mystery of Stonehenge

6th August – “Easier”

Scientists say they have uncovered details about who built the 5,000-year-old prehistoric monument Stonehenge.

France bans smartphones in schools

4th August – “Harder”

France has voted to ban smartphones and personal tablets from schools.

Most British people take tea bags on holiday

2nd August – “Easier”

Over half of British people take tea bags with them when they leave Britain to go on holiday or go on a business trip.

Sleeping with a fan could be bad for us

31st July – “Harder”

Many people cannot sleep without using a fan, but scientists say this could be bad for us.

Scientists record the sounds of the Sun

29th July – “Easier”

What does the Sun sound like? Perhaps you have never thought about what kinds of sounds the Sun makes, but scientists have found out.

Doctors warn over application of suntan lotion

27th July – “Harder”

Doctors are warning people to use suntan lotion correctly or risk serious burns or skin damage.

University ends use of Mr, Ms and Mrs

25th July – “Easier”

A university in South Africa has decided to no longer use titles such as Mr‚ Ms or Mrs.

Moon landing items to be auctioned

23rd July – “Harder”

Space enthusiasts will soon have the chance to purchase a piece of space exploration history.

World’s oldest bread recipe found

21st July – “Easier”

Researchers have found the world’s oldest example of bread in Jordan.

New Mexico President takes 60% pay cut

19th July – “Harder”

Mexico’s president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is leading by example in his country’s austerity drive.

France win 2018 FIFA World Cup final

17th July – “Easier”

France beat Croatia 4-2 in the final of the FIFA World Cup in Moscow on Sunday night.

Flying ‘car’ could be on sale next year

15th July – “Harder”

Humanity is set to enter a new era of transport as a flying car could go on sale next year.

Bright pink is the world’s oldest colour

13th July – “Easier”

Scientists have found out that bright pink is the oldest known colour.

Newly-discovered Amazon wasp has giant stinger

11th July – “Harder”

Scientists in the Amazon rainforest have come across a new wasp that could encourage Hollywood to make a horror movie.

Philippines president to resign if someone proves God exists

9th July – “Easier”

The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has made people angry. He said he would resign if anyone can prove that God exists.

Internet fury at woman who killed giraffe

7th July – “Harder”

Images of an American trophy hunter posing for a photo next to a black giraffe that she had shot and killed in South Africa have caused outrage online.

Thai soccer boys cave rescue planned

5th July – “Easier”

There is good news about the twelve boys and their football coach who are trapped in a Thai cave.

TV razor ad shows real body hair for first time

3rd July – “Harder”

A simple TV advertisement for a razor has created great debate online. The ad simply shows women shaving real body hair

China limits pay for movie stars

1st July – “Easier”

The Chinese government is putting a limit on how much pay its movie stars get.

New nation of Asgardia established in space

29th June – “Harder”

A Russian billionaire has attended his inauguration as leader of humankind’s first ever nation in space.

Singer calls world leaders “cowards” over refugee crisis

27th June – “Easier”

British singer Sting has called world leaders “half-men and cowards” for their failure to solve the refugee crisis.

Birds’ stomachs too full of plastic to eat

25th June – “Harder”

A BBC team has filmed disturbing footage of the devastating impact plastic pollution is having on seabirds.

Algeria turns off Internet to stop exam cheats

23rd June – “Easier”

Algeria has turned off its Internet all over the country to stop students cheating in high school exams.

Ex-US soccer player criticized for supporting Mexico

21st June – “Harder”

A former U.S. soccer player has justified his support of rivals Mexico at the Russia World Cup.

U.K. politician blocks passing of upskirting law

19th June – “Easier”

A politician in the United Kingdom has blocked a new law on upskirting from being passed.

Japan lowers age of adulthood to 18

17th June – “Harder”

Japan’s government has lowered the age at which people become adults. It is the first time since 1876 that this has happened.

Trump and Kim Jong-un could get the Nobel Peace Prize

15th June – “Easier”

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un could be in line for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Pope warns fossil fuels threaten humanity

13th June – “Harder”

Pope Francis has given a stark warning to around 50 of the world’s top oil company executives about the threat to humanity from fossil fuels.

Scientists close to turning air into fuel

11th June – “Easier”

Scientists at the Canadian company Carbon Engineering have said they are close to making carbon capture work.

Women hold most government positions in Spain

9th June – “Harder”

Women are on the rise in Spanish politics. Spain’s newly-formed government consists of eleven women and six men.

Man aims to swim across the Pacific Ocean

7th June – “Easier”

A French swimmer will try to become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean.

Chinese couples asked to take divorce exam

5th June – “Harder”

Authorities in China are asking couples who file for divorce to take an exam to reduce the rising divorce rate.

Malaysians give cash to help government

3rd June – “Easier”

Malaysians have helped their government with its money problems. They gave nearly $2 million to help the country.

Hotter weather lowers exam results

1st June – “Harder”

Hotter weather leads to lower exam results, and may reduce learning in both the short term and long term.

Korean boy band BTS No.1 in US album chart

30th May – “Easier”

A South Korean pop act has reached number one in the U.S. album charts for the first time ever with their new album, “Love Yourself: Tear”.

Cockroach milk may be the next superfood

28th May – “Harder”

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but scientists say cockroach milk could become a new superfood.

Scientists to use DNA to find Loch Ness Monster

26th May – “Easier”

Scientists from New Zealand will use a special technique to see if there really is a Loch Ness Monster.

Half of life on Earth gone since humans arrived

24th May – “Harder”

There are 7.6 billion people on Earth, but they represent just 0.01% of all living things.

No purchase needed to sit in Starbucks cafes

22nd May – “Easier”

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has announced that anyone can enter a Starbucks cafe in the USA without needing to make a purchase.

Humans causing big shifts in freshwater locations

20th May – “Harder”

The USA’s space agency NASA has confirmed that human activity is responsible for a massive redistribution of freshwater across Earth.

Scientists close to cure for the common cold

18th May – “Easier”

British researchers say they are close to finding a cure for the common cold.

Time travelers invited to Stephen Hawking memorial

16th May – “Harder”

Time travelers have been invited to attend the memorial service for Professor Stephen Hawking.

Robo-caller fined for 96 million phone calls

14th May – “Easier”

America’s Federal Communications Commission, the FCC, has fined a man who they say placed nearly 100 million robocalls.

Malaysia to have 92-year-old leader

12th May – “Harder”

Malaysia’s former leader Mahathir Mohamad has staged a remarkable political comeback to end the six-decade rule of the Barisan Nasional party.

Carbon footprint of global tourism is huge

10th May – “Easier”

Climate scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia say tourism causes over 8 per cent of greenhouse gasses.

Number of Japanese children at record low

8th May – “Harder”

The number of children in Japan has fallen to its lowest number since records began.

Singapore-Kuala Lumpur world’s busiest air route

6th May – “Easier”

A new report says Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is the world’s busiest international air route.

Best to learn a new language before age of 10

4th May – “Harder”

New research suggests that to achieve native-like proficiency in a new language, people should start learning before the age of ten.

Every Indian village now has electricity

2nd May – “Easier”

All villages in India now have electricity. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement on Monday.

Cold noodles help nuclear-free Korea talks

30th April – “Harder”

Historic talks have taken place between the leaders of North and South Korea, aided by the dish of cold noodles.

Amazon Alexa to reward kids who say ‘Please’

28th April – “Easier”

A new device will encourage children to say “please” and “thank you”.

Children are as fit as endurance athletes

26th April – “Harder”

Have you ever wondered why children always seem to have bags of energy and never run out of steam?

Get a job riding a Harley-Davidson all summer

24th April – “Easier”

There is a special job opening for eight people who love riding motorbikes, enjoy long, hot summers, and like feeling the wind in their hair.

Swaziland changes its name to eSwatini

22nd April – “Harder”

The king of the tiny African nation of Swaziland has changed his country’s name to eSwatini.

Kendrick Lamar wins Pulitzer Prize for music

20th April – “Easier”

The American rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar has become the first non-classical or jazz musician to win the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for music.

Social media site reverses LGBT ban after outcry

18th April – “Harder”

One of China’s largest social media sites has reversed a ban on content related to LGBT issues.

Going to bed late shortens our life, says study

16th April – “Easier”

A new study says that going to bed late may be bad for our health. It may even shorten our life.

Japan finds enough rare-earth metals to last 700 years

14th April – “Harder”

Japanese researchers have discovered enough reserves of rare-earth metals (REMs) to satisfy global demand for up to 700 years.

France to help make Saudi Arabia’s first opera house

12th April – “Easier”

Saudi Arabia will soon have its very first national orchestra and opera, with the help of France.

Former Brazilian president in jail

10th April – “Harder”

Brazil’s former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is in jail after surrendering to authorities on Saturday night.

Iceland’s First Lady wears charity-shop jacket

8th April – “Easier”

The First Lady of Iceland, Eliza Reid, has turned heads at a movie awards ceremony by wearing a charity shop jacket.

Seed vault now has over a million species

6th April – “Harder”

A special vault storing the world’s most precious seeds has now amassed over one million different plant varieties.

Children lack skill in holding pencils due to iPads

4th April – “Easier”

A study shows that new technology is reducing children’s ability to use a pencil or pen.

Robots to help us make our own furniture

2nd April – “Harder”

Robots are taking over more and more aspects of our lives, and jobs. The latest occupation at risk is carpentry.

Men to be NFL cheerleaders for first time ever

31st March – “Harder”

Fans of the USA’s National Football League (NFL) will soon be able to watch male cheerleaders for the first time ever.

China and Russia lead race to make hypersonic missiles

29th March – “Easier”

The USA is worried about China and Russia developing hypersonic missiles that can travel between five and twenty times the speed of sound.

Facebook apologizes after data breach

27th March – “Harder”

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg apologized for the data breach that was revealed last week. He took out full-page advertisements in broadsheet newspapers to make his apology.

Fears over USA – China trade war

25th March – “Easier”

The world is waiting to see if a trade war breaks out between the USA and China. Stock markets in Asia did badly in Friday’s trading because investors are worried.

World’s last male northern white rhino dies

23rd March – “Harder”

Conservationists and animal lovers are in mourning today for the loss of Sudan the rhinoceros.

Stephen Hawking explained multiverses in final paper

21st March – “Easier”

The world-famous physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking published an important paper before he died last week.

Calls for everyone in England to speak English

19th March – “Harder”

A top British official has said the UK government should set a target date for everybody in England to speak English.

U.S. student walkout to protest gun violence

17th March – “Easier”

Students in the USA took part in a protest on Wednesday. Tens of thousands of high-schoolers walked out of their schools to protest against gun violence.

3D-printer homes to reduce homelessness

15th March – “Harder”

A revolutionary, low-cost use of 3D printers to construct houses may help the homeless in developing countries.

Disease X is a ‘big risk’ to the world

13th March – “Easier”

Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) say the world is possibly at risk from a deadly disease.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet

11th March – “Harder”

A historic summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un will take place.

Japanese robot-wolf to protect farms

9th March – “Easier”

Technology has come to the rescue of Japanese farmers. Engineers have invented the ‘Super Monster Wolf’ to scare away animals.

Thailand to close famous beach to protect coral

7th March – “Harder”

Thailand will soon close one of its world famous beaches in an effort to reverse the damage done to its coral.

Paris Metro fines woman for walking wrong way

5th March – “Easier”

A pregnant woman got into trouble while she was using the Metro in Paris. She was given a 60-euro fine for walking the wrong way.

Malnutrition goals in Africa ‘very far away’

3rd March – “Harder”

A new report shows that no country in Africa will meet goals set to end childhood malnutrition by the year 2030.

Egypt archaeologists find large ‘city of the dead’

1st March – “Easier”

Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a huge cemetery hidden under the sands south of Cairo.

U.S. companies end ties with gun group NRA

27th February – “Harder”

An increasing number of companies are announcing plans to sever ties with the USA’s National Rifle Association.

Airbnb enters luxury travel market

25th February – “Easier”

The online accommodation booking company Airbnb is going upmarket. It is moving into the luxury travel market.

NASA spacesuits with built-in toilet

23rd February – “Harder”

Fashion designers and clothing experts are wondering how a new suit might change their industry.

Black Panther movie breaks box office records

21st February – “Easier”

The new superhero movie Black Panther is breaking box office records. It is the highest moneymaking debut ever for a February film.

Household items as bad as cars for pollution

19th February – “Harder”

Everyday household items such as toothpaste, deodorant and perfume contain volatile compounds that help to cause pollution.

Woman thrown off plane for shouting at crying baby

17th February – “Easier”

A passenger on a flight in the USA was asked to leave the airplane because she complained about a crying baby.

American woman wakes up with British accent

15th February – “Harder”

An American woman has been diagnosed with the rare Foreign Accent Syndrome after waking up with a British accent.

Early humans were bad at drawing

13th February – “Easier”

An early species of humans who lived between 120,000 and 35,000 years ago were not as good at drawing as early modern humans.

Parents anger at $730 Armani school uniforms

11th February – “Harder”

Parents of a Tokyo elementary school are up in arms at being asked to pay $730 for their child’s school uniform.

Monaco running out of space for millionaires

9th February – “Easier”

The tiny city-state of Monaco on France’s Mediterranean coastline is having problems finding space for rich people.

Earth’s magnetic poles are about to flip

7th February – “Harder”

Scientists have warned of the potential threat from Earth’s magnetic poles flipping upside down.

Chinese women spend $30 million on virtual boyfriends

5th February – “Easier”

Chinese women are spending over $30 million a month on a dating app on which the partners are virtual boyfriends.

All New York prisoners to get free tablet computer

3rd February – “Harder”

All prisoners in the U.S. state of New York are to be given free tablet computers.

Japan makes banana with peel you can eat

1st February – “Easier”

Banana farmers in Japan have created a special technique for growing bananas with a peel we can eat.

Polish climbers in heroic Himalaya rescue

30th January – “Harder”

A team of elite mountain climbers from Poland made a hazardous night rescue on the 8,126-meter-high Nanga Parbat mountain in the Pakistani Himalayas.

‘Nutella riots’ in France after 70% price cut

28th January – “Easier”

There have been crazy scenes in supermarkets across France. Shoppers have been fighting and punching each other to buy jars of the hazelnut spread Nutella.

Centipedes eat animals 15 times their size

26th January – “Harder”

Centipedes use venom that packs a serious punch that can cause rapid paralysis and death in insects and small animals.

Japanese tourists call police over rip-off restaurant bill

24th January – “Easier”

Four Japanese tourists are very angry after a restaurant in Venice, Italy charged them €1,100 ($1,350) for a steak dinner.

Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 24

22nd January – “Harder”

Scientists have changed their estimation of when adolescence ends and adulthood starts.

Two Koreas to share flag for Winter Olympics

20th January – “Easier”

South and North Korea have agreed to use the same flag at next month’s Winter Olympics.

Spain to replace USA as second most popular tourism location

18th January – “Harder”

Spain is set to replace the USA as the world’s second most popular tourist destination.

Writing a to-do list may help you sleep faster

16th January – “Easier”

Scientists have an idea that could help us get to sleep faster. All you need is a pen and paper and write a to-do list.

Trump calls immigrant nations ‘sh*thole’ countries

14th January – “Harder”

US President Donald Trump has caused outrage worldwide after he reportedly made racially charged comments.

Bangkok street-food chef says no to international cooking honour

12th January – “Easier”

A street-food seller in Bangkok wants to give back a top international chef’s award.

Nearly 600 volunteer to be absent father

10th January – “Harder”

A school in the USA asked for 50 male volunteers to substitute for absent fathers in an event called “Breakfast with Dads”.

Japan’s $3,000 wagyu beef bento lunch box

8th January – “Easier”

The new Tottori Wagyu Complete Cow bento box contains 4.5kg of beef and costs $3,000.

Online deliveries clogging up city streets

6th January – “Harder”

The huge surge in the popularity of online shopping is creating chaos on the streets of our cities.

Hollywood women fight sexual harassment

4th January – “Easier”

Over 300 women in Hollywood have joined together to fight sexual harassment.

2018 to be a great year

2nd January – “Harder”

The year 2018 is just days old, but already there are indications it will be a great 12 months.

2017 was UK’s greenest energy year ever

30th December – “Easier”

The United Kingdom is doing a lot to increase its use of renewable energy. It is moving away from fossil fuels.

Certain smells take you back to your childhood

28th December – “Harder”

Scientists have found out why certain smells recall feelings of nostalgia and can recall distant memories.

Too much gaming is mental health issue

26th December – “Easier”

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that too much gaming is officially a mental health problem.

Singing in groups could make you happier

24th December – “Harder”

Researchers have found that singing in groups could have positive effects on reducing anxiety and depression.

‘Selfieccino’ is the new art in making coffee

22nd December – “Easier”

A cafe in London has started a personalized way of making coffee. It is a new form of barista art called the “selfieccino”.

You are what you eat, say scientists

20th December – “Harder”

Scientists have cast new light on the effects our diet has on our mental health.

New plants can produce light in the dark

18th December – “Easier”

Scientists have created plants that glow in the dark. They are hoping to produce plants that can light up our lives.

Mysterious space object could be monitoring us

16th December – “Harder”

Scientists believe there is a possibility that aliens are listening to us on Earth.

Social media ‘destroying how society works’

14th December – “Easier”

A former Facebook executive has said social media is doing great harm to society around the world.

Video of starving polar bear goes viral

12th December – “Harder”

A video of a starving and emaciated polar bear collapsing in Canada’s wilderness has gone viral on the Internet.

Scientists find a bone from Santa Claus

10th December – “Easier”

Scientists from Oxford University in the UK believe they have found a bone that belonged to Santa Claus.

Trump says Jerusalem is Israel’s capital city

8th December – “Harder”

Donald Trump has announced that the USA officially recognizes that Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel.

UN horror at slave trade in Libya

6th December – “Easier”

The United Nations boss has said he is horrified by reports of slavery in Libya.

Environmentalists call for worldwide ban on glitter

4th December – “Harder”

Scientists are highlighting the damage that glitter does to our seas, oceans and environment.

South Korea government to help people in debt

2nd December – “Easier”

South Korea is going to write off the debts of as many as 1.6 million people. The government wants to help people on low incomes.

Soft, robotic muscles 1,000 times stronger

30th November – “Harder”

Scientists from two of the USA’s elite universities have pioneered a new method of creating artificial muscles.

France to try and end violence against women

28th November – “Easier”

French President Emmanuel Macron has started a new project to try and bring an end to violence against women.

Light pollution is taking away night’s darkness

26th November – “Harder”

The amount and brightness of light from towns and cities around the world is at a high level.

Man to take rocket trip to show Earth is flat

24th November – “Easier”

An American scientist is going to try and prove his belief that the Earth is flat.

UK Queen celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

22nd November – “Harder”

The United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 70th wedding anniversary on Monday

Thousands call for Zimbabwe’s Mugabe to resign

20th November – “Easier”

Thousands of people are in the streets of Zimbabwe asking for President Robert Mugabe to resign.

Apology after Japanese train leaves 20 seconds early

18th November – “Harder”

The operators of Tokyo’s Tsukuba Express line apologized for one of its trains leaving 20 seconds too early.

Millions more have high blood pressure

16th November – “Easier”

Millions more people around the world have high blood pressure.

Where do bugs like to live in your house?

14th November – “Harder”

Scientists have discovered where bugs most like to live in your house.

Lip-syncing video app sells for $1 billion

12th November – “Easier”

A Chinese media company has bought the hugely popular social video app for $1 billion.

Malaria breathalyzer test could help millions

10th November – “Harder”

Scientists have developed a breathalyzer to test people for malaria.

Screen time before bed is bad for children

8th November – “Easier”

New research shows that it is bad for children to watch TV, tablet or mobile phone screens before bedtime.

Australia broadband network under attack from birds

6th November – “Harder”

Australia’s high-speed, state-of-the-art broadband network is under attack from thousands of birds.

Hong Kong’s poor live in homes smaller than prison cells

4th November – “Easier”

A new study shows that some poor people in Hong Kong live in tiny homes.

New Zealand to ban foreign home buyers

2nd November – “Harder”

New Zealand’s government has announced a ban on the purchase of homes by foreigners.

Japanese school ‘forces girl to dye hair black’

31st October – “Easier”

An 18-year-old girl in Japan is suing her local government after her school told her to dye her hair black.

Australian Deputy PM disqualified over dual citizenship

29th October – “Harder”

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has been disqualified from his governmental position because he held dual citizenship.

UAE will train a million people in coding

27th October – “Easier”

The United Arab Emirates is starting a new programme to teach a million people computer coding.

China ends ban on smelly cheese

25th October – “Harder”

China has reversed an import ban on several types of cheese that get their flavor (and distinctive smell) from bacteria.

Pollution is the world’s biggest killer

23rd October – “Easier”

A new study has found that pollution is now the world’s biggest killer. One in six deaths worldwide is because of pollution.

Big rise in self-harm among girls

21st October – “Harder”

There has been a steep rise in reports of self-harm among young teenage girls.

Potato shortage causes ‘chipocalypse’

19th October – “Easier”

Potato chip lovers in New Zealand could be in for a big shock. New Zealand is facing a possible potato shortage in the next few months.

World’s ‘most useless’ airport opens

17th October – “Harder”

The first scheduled commercial airplane has landed on the remote British island of St Helena in the middle of the South Atlantic.

Baby talk is a world language

15th October – “Easier”

A new study has found that mothers all over the world speak to their babies in the same way.

Women stranded at airport after cosmetic surgery

13th October – “Harder”

Three Chinese women were left stranded at a South Korean airport after immigration officials said their passport photos did not match their faces.

Study finds why children don’t eat their greens

11th October – “Easier”

Everyone knows that many young children don’t like eating their greens. A new study may have an answer about why this is.

Airline boss promises pilots bonus to keep flying

9th October – “Harder”

The boss of Europe’s biggest low-cost airline has promised better pay to stop pilots leaving the company.

Nobel chemistry prize for molecule photos

7th October – “Easier”

The 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry has gone to three scientists for their work on photographing molecules.

Catalonia workers strike for independence

5th October – “Harder”

A general strike in Spain’s region of Catalonia on Tuesday brought large parts of Barcelona to a standstill.

Austria bans full-face veils

3rd October – “Easier”

A new law in Austria means there is now a ban on full-face veils.

Carrying the shopping makes over-65s stronger

1st October – “Harder”

There is new advice for older people to keep their strength up and live longer – carry your own shopping.

Botanic gardens ‘best hope’ for saving plants

29th September – “Easier”

Scientists say that many of the world’s plants are in danger of dying out – of becoming extinct.

“Catastrophic” sleep is killing people, says scientists

27th September – “Harder”

New research shows that many people are not sleeping enough and that this is having a serious impact on health.

London bomber buys bomb parts from Amazon

25th September – “Easier”

U.K. police have said a man who put a bomb on a London subway train bought most of the parts for the bomb online.

Hotel opens in Taiwan just for gamers

23rd September – “Harder”

A new hotel in Taiwan has opened to cater to the needs of gamers.

Today’s teenagers growing up more slowly

21st September – “Easier”

A new study says today’s teenagers are growing up more slowly than previous generations.

Bald men are more attractive and confident

19th September – “Easier”

According to new research, men who are bald or going bald should not worry about their looks.

Written zero 500 years older than scientists thought

17th August – “Harder”

Scientists from Oxford University in England have discovered that the written use of the zero is 500 years older than previously thought.

Rohingya in humanitarian crisis, says UN

15th September – “Easier”

The United Nations has said Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar are facing a “catastrophic” humanitarian situation.

Cambridge University may end handwritten exams

13th September – “Harder”

The world-renowned Cambridge University is considering abolishing handwritten exams after 800 years.

New mummies found near Luxor, Egypt

11th September – “Easier”

Archaeologists in Egypt have found a tomb that has three mummies inside it. The ancient tomb is over 3,500 years old.

Hurricane Irma slams into Caribbean

9th September – “Harder”

A record-breaking hurricane is causing death and destruction as it passes through the Caribbean and heads towards the U.S. state of Florida.

Putin warns of ‘global catastrophe’ over N Korea

7th September – “Easier”

Vladimir Putin has warned that the crisis over North Korea could cause a “planetary catastrophe”.

16 million children in need in South Asia floods

5th September – “Harder”

UNICEF has warned that an estimated 16 million children are in urgent need of life-saving support in the South Asia floods.

Why do people yawn?

3rd September – “Easier”

A new study from Nottingham University in the UK has found that yawning is contagious.

Irish TV station ‘forced’ to use Queen’s English

1st September – “Harder”

Staff at Ireland’s national broadcaster RTE are angry at being told to pronounce words according to the Queen’s English.

New device can smell bombs and diseases

30th August – “Easier”

A Nigerian engineer and neuroscientist has created a revolutionary new computer that has artificial intelligence (AI).

Floyd Mayweather wins richest fight in boxing history

28th August – “Harder”

Floyd Mayweather has won what was billed as the fight of the century, and the richest fight in boxing history.

Google will check to see if you are depressed

26th August – “Easier”

The search engine Google will soon start a service that lets people check their mental health online.

Chile stops mining project to save penguins

24th August – “Harder”

The government of Chile has rejected plans for a billion-dollar mining project because it would disrupt marine life.

Jews in UK want to leave because of hate crimes

22nd August – “Easier”

Many Jews in Britain want to leave the country because of an increase in anti-Semitism hate crimes.

Binge-watching television causes sleep problems

20th August – “Harder”

New research shows that binge-watching television can adversely affect your health.

Man buys 5,000 people noodles for finding engagement ring

18th August – “Easier”

A Chinese businessman treated 5,000 people to a free bowl of noodles.

Smiley face emojis could hurt your career

16th August – “Harder”

New research suggests that using smiley face emojis in work emails could jeopardize your career.

Man swims to work every day to beat traffic

14th August – “Easier”

A German man has started swimming to work after he got fed up with commuting.

Trump fires up North Korea nuclear tensions

12th August – “Easier”

U.S. President Donald Trump has given North Korea another warning over its plans to fire its weapons.

Nano-chips may heal organs with one touch

10th August – “Harder”

The medical world sees another example of science fiction coming true.

Loneliness is becoming a big danger to health

8th August – “Easier”

New research suggests that loneliness and social isolation may increase the risk of dying early by 50 per cent.

Charity warns against uploading photos of children

6th August – “Harder”

A child protection charity is urging parents to ask their children for permission before uploading photos of them.

New NASA job – to protect Earth from aliens

4th August – “Easier”

America’s space agency NASA has an exciting new job opening to protect Earth from aliens.

Man paints own ‘no parking’ lines outside his house

2nd August – “Harder”

A man in New Zealand has taken road traffic safety into his own hands. He illegally painted yellow parking-restriction lines on the road outside his house.

Mobile phone ban while crossing roads in Honolulu

31st July – “Easier”

Honolulu in Hawaii has become the first major American city to ban pedestrians from walking across the road while looking at mobile phones.

Debate over US military transgender policy

29th July – “Harder”

President Donald Trump’s desire to ban transgender people from serving in the USA military has already run into problems.

London police given 1,000 acid attack kits

27th July – “Easier”

Police officers in London have been given 1,000 special kits to deal with acid attacks.

Alternate history of Singapore wins comics Oscars

25th July – “Harder”

A Singaporean graphic novelist has won three of the comic industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

Girl, 5, fined for selling lemonade

23rd July – “Easier”

A five-year-old girl in London was fined $200 by a local government in London for selling cups of lemonade.

Mechanic works 75 years to break record

21st July – “Harder”

An airline worker in the USA has broken the world record for the world’s longest-serving airline mechanic.

Dirt is good for babies

19th July – “Easier”

It seems like common sense to most parents to make sure their baby is always in a clean place.

Water bears will survive until the Sun dies

17th July – “Harder”

A new study has revealed that a tiny, water-dwelling creature is likely to live until the end of the Earth.

House dust could make us fat

15th July – “Easier”

Scientists say house dust could make us fat. They say that people should keep their house clean if they want to avoid putting on weight.

Coffee drinkers may live longer

13th July – “Harder”

There is potentially good news for coffee lovers. Drinking three or more cups of coffee a day may help people live longer.

Scientists say life on Mars would be difficult

11th July – “Easier”

Scientists have discovered new things about the atmosphere and environment on Mars.

People now snorting chocolate to get high

9th July – “Harder”

A company in the USA has launched a chocolate powder that it says people can snort to get high.

Volvo will start making only all-electric cars

7th July – “Easier”

The car company Volvo has said it will start making all-electric cars. All new cars it makes from 2019 will have an electric motor.

Bank of England staff to go on strike

5th July – “Harder”

Workers at the United Kingdom’s central bank, the Bank of England, have voted to stage a four-day strike.

Starbucks opens coffee shop with tatami in Kyoto

3rd July – “Easier”

Starbucks has opened a new coffee shop in Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto. It is unlike any other Starbucks in the world.

Great Barrier Reef valued at $42.5 billion

1st July – “Harder”

Australia’s world-famous Great Barrier Reef has been assigned a monetary value for the first time.

World Food Prize goes to Nigerian banker

29th June – “Easier”

The president of the African Development Bank, Akinwumi Adesina, has won the 2017 World Food Prize.

World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) changes name

27th June – “Harder”

The World Taekwondo Federation has changed its name to simply World Taekwondo.

The shape of eggs helps birds fly well

25th June – “Easier”

Scientists believe they know why birds’ eggs are different shapes.

Strange deep-sea creatures found near Australia

23rd June – “Harder”

Scientists have found dozens of strange-looking deep-sea creatures off the coast of Australia.

YouTube has plan to fight online terror

21st June – “Easier”

YouTube has announced a plan “to fight online terror”. It will find dangerous videos and delete them.

Jay Z receives top songwriting honor

19th June – “Harder”

The rapper Jay Z has been recognized for his prolific and influential songwriting career by being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

New suntan drug could prevent skin cancer

17th June – “Easier”

Scientists have developed a drug that can copy the effects of sunlight. The new drug tricks the skin into making it darker.

Trendy names make vegetables look tastier

15th June – “Harder”

Researchers have discovered that people eat more vegetables if the veggies have trendy labels.

Mixed-gender events added to 2020 Olympics

13th June – “Easier”

There will be more mixed-gender events and more women at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Sesame Street and IBM make vocabulary app

11th June – “Harder”

Sesame Street and IBM have teamed up to create a revolutionary new app for kids to learn vocabulary.

Indonesia attempts to count all its islands

9th June – “Harder”

Indonesia has embarked on the task of counting its islands in order to better protect its territory and marine resources.

Arab nations cut ties with Qatar

7th June – “Easier”

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Yemen have all cut relations with Qatar.

Musk abandons Trump after U.S. dumps Paris Agreement

5th June – “Harder”

Elon Musk leaves Donald Trump’s business advisory council after the US pulls out of the Paris Agreement.

The world is 0.28% more peaceful than a year ago

3rd June – “Easier”

A new report says the world is slightly more peaceful than it was a year ago.

Finland to reform education for the digital age

1st June – “Harder”

Finland is planning to reform its education system so that young Finns are better prepared for the digital age.

‘Robocop’ – first robot police officer starts work

30th May – “Easier”

The world’s first robot police officer has started working. Its name is ‘RoboCop’ and it went into service for the Dubai Police earlier this week.

Fitness trackers ‘poor at measuring calories burned’

28th May – “Harder”

A new report says fitness trackers are not so accurate in measuring the amount of calories our body burns while exercising.

Scientists find out how flamingos stand on one leg

26th May – “Easier”

Scientists believe they have found how flamingos stand on one leg. This has puzzled scientists for decades.

Author unhappy with use of the word ‘meme’

24th May – “Harder”

Memes are becoming a growing part of our everyday life and popular culture, especially online.

Europe’s top soccer leagues get first female referee

22 May – “Easier”

A German policewoman, Bibiana Steinhaus, will become the first female to referee in Europe’s top leagues.

Holland’s king reveals secret life as pilot

20th May – “Harder”

Holland’s King Willem-Alexander has just revealed he has been secretly flying planes for the Dutch carrier KLM.

Microsoft blames U.S. spy agency for WannaCry

18th May – “Easier”

Microsoft has said the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack happened because America’s National Security Agency keeps cyber-weapons on its computers.

China outlines Silk Road plan for global trade

16th May – “Harder”

China’s President Xi Jinping has outlined an ambitious project to regenerate global growth.

Maori haka and language may keep dementia away

14th May – “Easier”

The world-famous Maori war dance, the haka, and being bilingual may help Maori people keep dementia away.

FBI boss thought his firing was a joke

12th May – “Harder”

President Trump has fired James Comey, the now former Director and boss of the FBI.

Nicki Minaj to pay college fees for fans

10th May – “Easier”

The singer Nicki Minaj has told her millions of Twitter followers she would pay university tuition fees for some of them.

Swearing can make you physically stronger

8th May – “Harder”

Researchers have discovered that swearing and using bad or profane language can increase one’s physical strength.

Exercise pill could replace exercising

6th May – “Easier”

Scientists are working on a new pill that could help people who do no exercise.

Abu Dhabi opens government ‘Happiness Cafe’

4th May – “Harder”

The Abu Dhabi government has opened a special cafe for its employees that is dedicated to their happiness.

A third of the food we produce is wasted

2nd May – “Easier”

The British government has said that a third of the food the world produces is wasted and that this is unacceptable.

Plastic-eating worm could remove the world’s waste

30th April – “Harder”

A natural solution to the growing crisis of plastic waste in the environment may be at hand via a tiny caterpillar called a waxworm.

China launches first Chinese-made aircraft carrier

28th April – “Easier”

China’s navy is growing stronger and stronger. On Wednesday, it launched its first aircraft carrier that it built completely on its own.

Egg freezing offered as perk to female employees

26th April – “Harder”

Female workers in the UK are to be offered an unusual perk by their employers. British companies are considering offering egg freezing as a perk.

Families get government help with housework

24th April – “Easier”

Working families in two towns in Germany will get government help with the housework.

Exercise is contagious because of social media

22nd April – “Harder”

A new study has shown that physical activity and exercise are ‘contagious’ because of social media.

USA ends ‘patience’ with North Korea

20th April – “Easier”

The Vice President of the USA, Mike Pence, said on Monday that US-North Korea relations have changed.

High school changes ‘sexist’ Women’s Studies course

18th April – “Harder”

A high school in Canada has come under fierce criticism on the Internet for a women’s studies course it offered to its female students.

Man dragged off plane will sue United Airlines

16th April – “Easier”

An American airline is in trouble for the way it treated one of its passengers.

Dutch towns tell tourists how to behave

14th April – “Harder”

Villagers living in the area known as ‘Old Holland’ outside of Amsterdam have got together with local tour companies to create rules of conduct for tourists.

People lose money in online dating scam

12th April – “Easier”

There is a new scam on the Internet for those looking for love. Criminals are trying to trick people by using old love letters.

Jungle people with almost no heart problems

10th April – “Harder”

Researchers have discovered that the Tsimane people in Bolivia have almost no risk of serious heart disease.

Halal snack helps bring Australians together

8th April – “Easier”

A new kind of fast food is having a big impact in Australia. It has helped to bring Australian people together.

Sales quotas exploit convenience store workers

6th April – “Harder”

A report from Japan says unrealistic sales quotas are being imposed on many part-time workers.

No shampoo may be better for your hair

4th April – “Easier”

Could shampoo be a thing of the past? is it necessary?

Scientists list 12 new types of cloud

2nd April – “Harder”

The International Cloud Atlas has recognized ‘new’ types of cloud for the first time since 1987.

Older mothers may raise happier children

31st March – “Easier”

New research suggests that the children of older mothers grow up to be happier.

Laptop ban goes into effect in certain countries

29th March – “Harder”

A number of airports in the Middle East have started implementing the ban on taking laptop computers on board planes.

Scientists find way to mass produce blood

27th March – “Easier”

Scientists from Bristol University in the UK say they have found a way to mass produce blood.

Funeral discounts for Japan’s elderly who quit driving

25th March – “Harder”

A funeral home company in Japan is offering a 15 per cent discount on funeral services to any driver over 75 who quit driving.

Face recognition scanner to stop toilet paper thieves

23rd March – “Easier”

A park in Beijing has started a trial to try and save toilet paper and prevent thieves from stealing it.

Subway sues TV station for $210 million

21st March – “Harder”

The international sandwich chain Subway is suing a TV station following a report that said its chicken was only half chicken.

Climate changed the shape of our nose

19th March – “Easier”

The Earth’s climate could have something to do with the shape of our nose.

Social media sites face heavy hate speech fines

17th March – “Harder”

Social media websites in Germany could be in for fines of up to 50 million euros for removing illegal content too slowly.

World Wide Web inventor worried about its future

15th March – “Easier”

The man who created the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned of the dangers of the Internet.

World faces biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945

13th March – “Harder”

The UN says the world is facing its biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

How to become a memory champion

11th March – “Easier”

A new study says pretty much anyone can have an upgraded memory if they train their brain.

Trial of ‘female’ traffic signals starts in Australia

9th March – “Harder”

Signals at ten pedestrian crossings in the city of Melbourne now show walking red and green people in dresses.

Scientists say there could be life on TRAPPIST-1 planets

7th March – “Easier”

Scientists have been discussing whether planets in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system could contain life.

Japan attempts to ease working hours

5th March – “Harder”

Japan’s government has backed an initiative to ease the pressure on Japanese workers and simultaneously boost consumer spending.

Bulgarian radio can play modern music again

3rd March – “Easier”

Radio listeners in Bulgaria can now start listening to modern music again.

Mothers get less sleep than fathers

1st March – “Harder”

A new study confirms that mothers get less sleep than fathers.

Fasting may lead to health benefits

27th February – “Easier”

Scientists have conducted tests on mice showing that fasting could have many health benefits.

Carlos Ghosn to step down as Nissan boss

25th February – “Harder”

Carlos Ghosn has announced that he will step down as Nissan Motor’s president and CEO.

Slippery ketchup bottle helps zero-waste economy

23rd February – “Easier”

Scientists have invented a super-slippery surface that can be put on the inside of bottles.

Bio-terrorism could kill 30 million in a year

21st February – “Harder”

The former head of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has warned that the world could be in great danger from bio-terrorism.

Zealandia – The eighth continent?

19th February – “Easier”

We may have to change our thinking about how many continents there are. Geologists say there is an eighth continent – Zealandia.

Marriage makes you less stressed

17th February – “Harder”

A new study suggests that marital bliss has beneficial health effects. The research is from Carnegie Mellon University in the USA.

New, super-thin material cools buildings

15th February – “Easier”

A team of engineers has created a super-thin material that could help keep buildings cool.

Director for new Batman movie coming soon

13th February – “Harder”

There is a new Batman movie in the making and a director for it could be announced soon.

World’s largest refugee camp must stay open

11th February – “Easier”

The High Court in Kenya has blocked the Kenyan government’s attempt to close the largest refugee camp in the world.

TV maker illegally tracked and sold viewing data

9th February – “Harder”

The television maker Vizio has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle claims that it collected data from 11 million people without their consent.

Size zero models have dangerous eating disorders

7th February – “Easier”

Many models have to get down to a very unhealthy weight to keep their modeling agency happy.

Astronauts’ brains change shape during spaceflight

5th February – “Harder”

Researchers from the University of Michigan in the USA have found that the brain of astronauts changes shape during spaceflight.

Starbucks plans to employ 10,000 refugees

3rd February – “Easier”

Starbucks boss Howard Schultz has said his company would employ 10,000 refugees over the next five years.

Half a million at Washington D.C. Women’s March

1st February – “Harder”

New figures reveal that as many as 500,000 people attended the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st.

Scientists say end of world is 30 seconds closer

30th January – “Easier”

Scientists from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BPA) have said the end of the world has come a little closer in the past year.

Cats are just as clever as dogs, says study

28th January – “Harder”

For whatever reason, people assume dogs are more intelligent creatures than cats. This notion has been called into question by scientists in Japan.

Worries about microplastics in our seafood

26th January – “Easier”

People who eat seafood may be also eating tiny pieces of plastic. The small pieces of plastic are called microplastics.

City plans to plant 3 million trees

24th January – “Harder”

The city of Manchester in England has embarked on an ambitious plan to plant three million trees.

Ants use the Sun to get from A to B

22nd January – “Easier”

Ants are some of the most impressive creatures on this planet. There are so many things we do not know about them.

Eating chili peppers helps you live longer

20th January – “Harder”

There is good news for lovers of hot and spicy food – the chili inside it can help you live longer.

Eight billionaires as rich as half the world

18th January – “Easier”

The world’s eight richest men have as much money as half the world. Eight billionaires are as rich as the 3.6 billion poorest people in the world.

Animal rights pressure group buys LV shares

16th January – “Harder”

The animal rights pressure group PETA has purchased shares in the French luxury goods company Louis Vuitton.

Scientists make super-strong spider web silk

14th January – “Easier”

A group of researchers from Sweden has unlocked one of nature’s biggest secrets. The scientists worked out how spiders make such strong silk.

Weekend-only exercise enough to live longer

12th January – “Harder”

There is good news for those who only have time to exercise at the weekend – the so-called ‘weekend warriors’.

Zombies would wipe out humans in 100 days

10th January – “Easier”

Everyone knows that zombies only exist in horror movies. Or do they? A new article predicts that imaginary zombies would kill almost everyone on Earth in just 100 days.

Using cotton buds could damage your hearing

7th January – “Harder”

Doctors are now telling us what grandparents have known for decades – don’t stick anything smaller than your elbow into your ears.

Language barriers holding back global science

4th January – “Easier”

New research says that language barriers are holding back science around the world.

USA and Russia in election hacking tit-for-tat

1st January – “Harder”

A new crisis is looming between the USA and Russia over U.S. allegations that Russia hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails during the U.S. election.

Japan Prime Minister visits Pearl Harbor

29th December – “Easier”

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Smartphone toilet paper at Japan airport

26th December – “Harder”

An airport in Japan has taken toilet cleanliness to a new level. A company has installed “toilet paper” for smartphones.

Women are better doctors but get paid less

23rd December – “Easier”

A new study from Harvard University shows that female doctors are slightly better than their male colleagues, but get paid less.

UK’s Prince Harry vows to make a difference

20th December – “Harder”

Britain’s Prince Harry has said he wants to make a difference in the world.

Scientists unlock secrets to seahorses

17th December – “Easier”

For the first time, scientists have unlocked the secrets to one of the world’s most recognizable but least understood fish – the seahorse.

Syrian refugee top student in Australia school

15th December – “Harder”

A Syrian refugee who could hardly speak a word of English two years ago has just passed his school exams in Australia with flying colours and is in the top 4 per cent of all graduates in Melbourne.

Venezuela seizes 4 million toys for its children

13th December – “Easier”

The government of Venezuela has seized nearly 4 million children’s toys from a toy distributor. It will give the toys to children.

Ivory Coast gets three-word postal addresses

11th December – “Harder”

Ivory Coast has adopted a revolutionary new system of postal addresses that contain just three words.

1.2 million people accept birthday party invitation

9th December – “Easier”

A father in Mexico got a surprise after he posted an invitation to his daughter’s 15th birthday party on Facebook – 1.2 million people have said they would attend the party.

New store lets you shop, walk out and pay later

7th December – “Harder”

Amazon just unveiled what it describes as the world’s most advanced shopping technology.

Oil pipeline protest joined by military veterans

5th December – “Easier”

People in the U.S. state of North Dakota are angry because an oil company is building a giant pipe near their land.

Thailand has a new king

3rd December – “Harder”

Thailand has a new king after Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, 64, accepted an invitation from parliament to succeed his father.

Christmas cards show nativity in war zone

1st December – “Easier”

A charity has released a series of Christmas cards with a difference. They have traditional Christmas scenes from the Holy Land but they also contain images of the war in Syria.

India to be a cashless society, says Prime Minister

29th November – “Harder”

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has outlined his controversial plan to make India a cashless society.

Low social status bad for health

27th November – “Easier”

A new study shows that having a low social status can be bad for our health.

Man sells firewood to pay wife’s medical bills

25th November – “Harder”

An Internet campaign has come to the rescue of 80-year-old man in the USA who was reduced to selling firewood on the roadside to try and pay for his wife’s medical bills.

Seriously powerful weather satellite put into space

23rd November – “Easier”

The USA has put into space the world’s most advanced and powerful weather satellite. Scientists say it will revolutionize how we predict the weather.

Emergency junk food flown to earthquake town

21st November – “Harder”

The residents of a town cut off by last week’s New Zealand earthquake have received a somewhat unusual but welcome air delivery.

Scientists change plants’ sunblock to grow more crops

19th November – “Easier”

Plant biologists have thought of a clever new way to increase the size of crops by as much as 20 per cent.

Mathematicians work out the perfect cup of coffee

17th November – “Harder”

Mathematicians are using their analytical skills to understand what makes the perfect cup of coffee.

Israel backs bill to make mosques quieter

15th November – “Easier”

Israel’s government has approved a bill to make mosques quieter. Mosques may not be able to use loudspeakers.

Boys and girls react differently to stress

13th November – “Harder”

A study from Stanford University in the USA suggests that very stressful events affect the brains of boys and girls in different ways.

World leaders have mixed reactions to Trump victory

11th November – “Easier”

World leaders have congratulated Donald Trump on his surprise win in the U.S. Presidential election on Tuesday.

India cities experiencing hazardous air quality

9th November – “Harder”

Many of India’s big cities are experiencing such hazardous air pollution that it almost defies belief.

Calls for Daylight Saving Time to be scrapped

7th November – “Easier”

There are calls to end the semi-annual practice of Daylight Saving Time – putting our clocks backwards and forwards an hour in the spring and autumn.

U.S. must be world policeman, says ex-NATO boss

5th November – “Harder”

The former chief of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, has said America needs to be the world’s policeman to make the world a safer place.

New UAE law gives workers time off to read

3rd November – “Easier”

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has introduced a new law to get people to read more.

Broccoli and avocado slow down aging

1st November – “Harder”

New research suggests that eating green vegetables can ward off the signs of aging.

No putting on make-up on trains, says rail company

30th October – “Easier”

A 30-second video from a railway company in Japan has made many women angry. The video is aimed at stopping women from putting on make-up while riding on trains.

Myanmar and Iraq most generous countries

28th October – “Harder”

The Charities Aid Foundation has just stated that Myanmar and Iraq are home to the world’s most generous and helpful people.

Three-quarters of British people commit micro crimes

26th October – “Easier”

A new report from a British market research company says there is a “wave of micro crime” in the country.

Dogs dream about their owners, says scientist

24th October – “Harder”

An expert believes she has uncovered the secret of what dogs dream about. Among other things, dogs dream about their owners.

Philippines to split from USA

22nd October – “Easier”

The president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has announced his country will move away from the USA and work more closely with China.

Shanghai IKEA bans old people from dating

20th October – “Harder”

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has banned old people from dating at its store in Shanghai, China.

Teen drivers most at risk of crashing

18th October – “Easier”

Teenage drivers are still the most likely to crash, according to a new study. Teen drivers are 1.6 times more likely to be in a traffic accident than adult drivers.

Nigeria president says wife belongs in the kitchen

16th October – “Harder”

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is in hot water over sexist remarks he made about his wife belonging in his kitchen.

Sweet potato scientists win World Food Prize

14th October – “Easier”

Four scientists have won the 2016 World Food Prize for developing a way to grow sweet potatoes that have extra amounts of Vitamin A.

Samsung: Don’t use dangerous Galaxy Note

12th October – “Harder”

Samsung has warned owners of the Galaxy Note 7 to turn off their phone after more reports of the device catching fire.

Vegetable gardens tested for Mars

10th October – “Easier”

Researchers from the U.S. space agency NASA are currently trying to find out what kind of plants could grow in the red soil on Mars.

Girls do 160 million more hours of chores than boys

8th October – “Harder”

It will come as little surprise to many that girls spend 40 per cent more time performing unpaid household chores than boys.

The world needs 69 million more teachers

6th October – “Easier”

A report from the United Nations (UN) says the world needs another 69 million teachers by the year 2030.

Donald Trump under fire for not paying tax

4th October – “Harder”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is in trouble again following revelations about his tax returns.

Pakistan cinemas ban Indian movies

2nd October – “Easier”

Pakistan’s major cinemas have banned Indian movies in Pakistan’s biggest cities.

Male models earn 75% less than female models

30th September – “Harder”

A well-known modeling agency has claimed that male models are paid as much as 75 per cent less than female models.

Giving babies peanuts and eggs may avoid allergies

27th September – “Easier”

Researchers say that feeding eggs and peanuts to babies may stop them getting allergies when they are older.

Sad movies help reduce pain

24th September – “Harder”

Watching sad movies can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered and may increase our tolerance to pain.

Internet addiction sign of mental health problems

21st September – “Easier”

A new survey suggests that people who use the Internet too much may have mental health problems.

First all-hijab collection at New York Fashion Week

18th September – “Harder”

History was made at the recent New York Fashion Week. For the very first time, there was a collection in which every model walked down the catwalk wearing a hijab.

Dolphin language may have grammar

15th September – “Easier”

Humans may not be the only ones to use grammar and vocabulary to speak and communicate. Scientists believe dolphins also use words and sentences to speak to each other.

Fresh hopes as ceasefire is agreed in Syria

12th September – “Harder”

There is a fresh but tentative hope for a cessation of hostilities in Syria. The United States, Russia and Syria have signed an agreement.

Facebook puts back censored Vietnam photo

9th September – “Easier”

Facebook has reversed its decision to block a famous photograph of the Vietnam War on its website.

Brown shoes could mean you fail a job interview

6th September – “Harder”

University graduates hoping to get a job as an investment banker in London could be disappointed if they wear brown shoes to their job interview.

Why do children go to school?

3rd September – “Easier”

A poll taken in the USA shows people have different opinions on why kids go to school.

Swimming with dolphins may be banned

31st August – “Harder”

Authorities in Hawaii are proposing a ban on the popular tourist activity of swimming with dolphins off the Hawaiian coast.

Colombia and FARC rebels sign peace deal

28th August – “Easier”

Colombia’s government signed a peace deal with the rebel group FARC. The deal ends 52 years of fighting.

Study shows there are two divorce seasons

25th August – “Harder”

Couples might want to put a little extra effort into their marriage just before March and August every year.

What the 5,300-year-old Iceman wore

22nd August – “Easier”

Scientists studied the pieces of material that were on the body of a man who died in Europe 5,300 years ago.

July was hottest month in recorded history

19th August – “Harder”

It’s official – July was the hottest month on Earth since scientists started recording the planet’s temperatures.

Scientists make self-repairing clothes

16th August – “Easier”

Humans have learnt many things from nature that help us in our daily life. The latest thing is self-repairing clothing.

Online gaming may improve school test scores

13th August – “Harder”

A new study shows that teenagers who regularly played games online improved their test scores at school.

People who read live longer

10th August – “Easier”

New research shows that people who read a lot live longer. The study was carried out by researchers from Yale University.

Men better at making up after a fight

7th August – “Harder”

A new study shows that men are better than women at making up after a fight.

Rio Olympics medal predictions

4th August – “Easier”

The worldwide banking company Goldman Sachs has made predictions about how many medals different countries will win at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Dietary supplements could be bad for you

1st August – “Harder”

Millions of people around the world take dietary supplements in the belief that they will boost their health.

Office workers need one hour of exercise a day

30th July – “Easier”

New research shows that office workers and other people who sit down a lot must exercise for one hour a day.

New Zealand to rid non-native pests by 2050

28th July – “Harder”

The government of New Zealand has declared war on countryside pests. It wants to make the country predator-free by 2050.

Anger at royal child feeding dog ice cream

26th July – “Easier”

A photo of the three-year-old son of Britain’s Prince William has made animal rights groups angry.

Perfect body to survive traffic accidents created

24th July – “Harder”

A road safety organisation in Australia has created a mock-up of the perfect body needed to survive a car crash.

Trump employee apologises for plagiarising Michelle Obama speech

22nd July – “Easier”

An employee of the Trump Organisation has admitted plagiarism in helping to write Melania Trump’s speech.

6,000 held after failed Turkey coup

20th July – “Harder”

The Turkish government is increasing its efforts to detain those it deems responsible for the weekend’s failed coup attempt.

Educators recommend more outdoor learning

18th July – “Easier”

Researchers in Britain are telling schools that children should be doing more learning outdoors.

Boris Johnson – UK’s controversial new foreign secretary

16th July – “Harder”

The new British Prime Minister Theresa May has caused a stir around the world with her appointment of the UK’s new Foreign Secretary.

Woman had to go on honeymoon without husband

14th July – “Easier”

A woman had to go on her honeymoon alone because her husband could not get a visa for the trip.

Pokemon Go is the next big thing

12th July – “Harder”

The Japanese games giant Nintendo has released an app that is taking the world by storm with an augmented reality game called Pokemon Go.

Toyota closes elevators to save money

10th July – “Easier”

The car company Toyota is shutting down two elevators at its global headquarters to save money.

Italian town to use silent fireworks for stressed dogs

8th July – “Harder”

A small town in Italy has passed legislation requiring people to use only silent fireworks in displays and celebrations.

UAE tells citizens not to wear national dress abroad

6th July – “Easier”

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has advised its citizens not to wear the country’s traditional clothes when travelling overseas.

Plants can make intelligent decisions

4th July – “Harder”

Plants are a lot smarter than we thought. According to researchers, they are capable of making intelligent decisions.

Company pays its workers to sleep

2nd July – “Easier”

A company in the USA is paying its employees to sleep more. Staff at the insurance company Aetna will get $300 a year extra.

Card games can help recovery from strokes

30th June – “Harder”

A new report says that playing simple card games can help stroke patients with their recovery just as much as virtual reality gaming.

Glass slide opens 300 metres above the street

28th June – “Easier”

A very scary slide has opened to the public in Los Angeles. It is on the outside of a building, 70 stories high.

U.K. votes to leave European Union

26th June – “Harder”

The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union in what is being seen as a political earthquake.

Fake tech support scams on the rise

24th June – “Easier”

Fraudsters are using a new method to trick people into parting with their money.

U.N. says refugee numbers at record level

22nd June – “Easier”

Last year was the worst year on record for the number of people who became refugees.

We may not meet aliens until the year 3500

20th June – “Harder”

Scientists say it could take at least 1,500 years before humans make contact with species of aliens.

Italian restaurant named as best in the world

18th June – “Easier”

A restaurant in the city of Modena, Italy, has been named as the best restaurant in the world.

Gay men refused as blood donors after Orlando shooting

16th June – “Harder”

Hundreds of gay men eager to give blood in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shooting have been turned away by blood centers.

UK leaving Europe is bad for science

14th June – “Easier”

People in Britain will soon vote on whether or not to stay in or leave the European Union (EU).

Scientists turn CO2 emissions into stone

12th June – “Harder”

Scientists have come up with a smart but simple way to deal with carbon dioxide emissions, by turning them back into stone.

World’s ‘most wanted’ people smuggler arrested

10th June – “Easier”

Police in Sudan have arrested one of the world’s most wanted people smugglers.

Swiss vote no to free monthly income for all

8th June – “Harder”

Voters in Switzerland have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal that would have meant introducing a guaranteed basic monthly income for all citizens.

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74

6th June – “Easier”

Muhammad Ali, perhaps the world’s greatest ever sporting legend, passed away on Friday, aged 74.

Breaking News English good to go on mobile devices

4th June – “Harder”

The website Breaking News has upgraded its pages to be easier to use on mobile phones and tablets.

U.S. police to look into shooting of zoo gorilla

2nd June – “Easier”

Police in the US state of Ohio are going to look into the shooting of a 17-year-old gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo. They will investigate the facts around the killing of Harambe the gorilla.

International Space Station gets air-filled extension

31st May – “Harder”

NASA has successfully inflated a new, experimental room for crew members to use in space.

Anger over racist Chinese advert

29th May – “Easier”

There is a lot of anger on social media because of an advertisement for a Chinese detergent. Some newspapers are saying it could be the most racist advert ever.

New product tests for spiked drinks

27th May – “Harder”

A British businessman has developed a product that helps people test drinks they think might have been drugged, or ‘spiked’.

President Obama to visit Hiroshima

25th May – “Easier”

On Friday, U.S. President Barack Obama will become the first American president to visit the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Women wearing cosmetics are paid more

23rd May – “Harder”

Researchers have discovered there could be a good reason why women spend so long in the morning getting ready for work.

Get an electric shock to stop buying things

21st May – “Easier”

A British firm has developed a new product to help us save money. The product is a wristband that gives us an electric shock if we spend too much money.

Scientists make see-through wood

19th May – “Harder”

Scientists have come up with a revolutionary new use for wood. They have devised a way to make it transparent.

Abandoned puppy gets job at baseball club

17th May – “Easier”

An abandoned puppy has been given a new home and a new job. The 7-week-old pup was left at the stadium of …

72-year-old woman gives birth

15th May – “Harder”

A 72-year-old woman from Amritsar, India is celebrating the birth of her first child. Daljinder Kaur and her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, 79, posed for photos…

Budweiser beer renamed ‘America’

13th May – “Easier”

One of the word’s most famous beer companies is changing the name of its best-selling beer. Budweiser is going to be called ‘America’.

Men developed deep voices to scare other men

11th May – “Harder”

Scientists have cast new light on why some men have deeper voices than others. It was traditionally thought that…

Russian weapons maker now a fashion brand

9th May – “Easier”

The Russian arms maker Kalashnikov is branching out into fashion. The weapons manufacturer is one of Russia’s most famous companies.

Stealing food is not a crime, says Italian court

7th May – “Harder”

An Italian court has ruled that food theft brought about by hunger is not illegal. Italy’s highest court of appeal…

Leicester City in football fairytale win

5th May – “Easier”

Football fans in the English city of Leicester have been celebrating a fairytale win for their club. Leicester City won England’s Premier League for the first time.

Duchess of Cambridge on Vogue cover

3rd May – “Harder”

A British princess has made her debut as a model on the front cover of the fashion magazine Vogue.

New gym opens to train robots

1st May – “Easier”

A group of business people has opened a kind of gym for robots. The group is headed by Elon Musk, who is the boss of the electric car company Tesla Motors.

Venezuela introduces 2-day working week

29th April – “Harder”

Venezuela has taken a drastic step to deal with the country’s growing energy problems. It has told all state employees to…

Worries over eating disorders in Japan

27th April – “Easier”

A health group in Japan is worried about people with eating disorders. The Japan Society for Eating Disorders (JSED) said that most people…

Massive coral reef found in Amazon River

25th April – “Harder”

An international team of scientists has discovered a huge coral reef in the Amazon River. The team from the universities of Georgia in the USA and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil…

Rock superstar Prince dies at 57

23rd April – “Easier”

The rock superstar Prince has died at the age of 57. He passed away on Thursday at his home in Minneapolis.

Over-the-counter medicine may shrink brain

21st April – “Harder”

Over-the-counter (OTC) medicine is a common part of our lives. Many of us pop into the local pharmacy for cold and headache tablets, cough syrups or allergy treatments.

McDonald’s restaurant to offer all-you-can-eat fries

19th April – “Easier”

A new McDonald’s restaurant that will soon open in the USA will offer all-you-can-eat French fries. The new store in St. Joseph, Missouri, is set to open in July.

The Czech Republic to be renamed Czechia

17th April – “Harder”

The Czech Republic is planning to adopt a snappy short-form name to ensure it has an easier time at home and around the world.

Ancient mummy found wearing Adidas boots

15th April – “Easier”

An ancient mummy that was found in Mongolia has gone viral online because it seems to be wearing Adidas boots. Many people have been tweeting that…

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