Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking is making Twitter shake with cringe: ‘Full body mortification’

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Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking is making Twitter shake with cringe: ‘Full body mortification’

Home / TV / Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking is making Twitter shake with cringe: ‘Full body mortification’


Twitter cannot decide if it loves Netflix’s latest reality show, Indian Matchmaking, or furiously hates it. However, one thing is for sure, everyone thinks it is cringeworthy beyond belief.

Lying somewhere in the same universe as Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle, Indian Matchmaking is also about men and women finding their romantic partners, minus the sex, the bikinis but plus the nosey, sexist and judgemental aunties.


On the show, a bunch of NRI kids rope in matchmaking aunty, Sima Taparia, to find them their perfect matches. Of course, fair girls, rich boys and mummy-pleasing partners are high up on everyone’s list. No one can call out the show for fictionalising the arrange marriage set-up of the desi community as it is quite close to the truth. But we guess no one wanted this dark reality get represented on Netflix and beamed to streaming devices across the world.


“28 minutes into Indian Matchmaking and I am mortified. Full body mortification. Seven-lives worth of mortification. Arranged marriages are embarrassing/shameful to watch in real life, what was the point behind taking it to the reel,” read a tweet.

“I’m watching #IndianMatchmaking and I’m cringing so hard. Because while non desis see this as a reality show… this is kind of actually legit. People actually act like this, it’s not even fake. Ok a lil fake for the show but still,” read a comment. Another wrote, “This show on Netflix #IndianMatchmaking is so cringey. It’s everything about indian culture I hate and I’m so glad I stood up for myself to be with someone outside of that culture and who loves me FOR ME and not just cause I’m ‘successful or pretty’.”




Regardless, many are quite unashamedly into the show. Twitter has already been divided into Camp Aparna and Camp Nadia, and the memes are flooding in. “How the hell did #Netflix produce a program like #IndianMatchmaking? It is wrong on so many levels. Some of these things are appalling – sexism, classism. I, however, cannot stop watching it,” read a tweet. “Yes, I’m going to watch every episode of this show. I already have too much to say about this. #IndianMatchmaking,” wrote another, sharing a clip of a particularly bratty contestant Aparna being her usual self, wondering if she has to ‘see her husband all the time’.



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A few, are also hoping for Indian Matching making to ultimately be revealed as a satire on arranged marriages. “I can see how #IndianMatchmaking is problematic. But I think it’s also fascinating in the way that it shows how for most people the opposite of loneliness is marriage. Nothing in between,” wrote one. “Glad Netflix made this show Indian Matchmaking so the whole world can know how crazy this country is. It’s really hard to tell whether some parts of it are real or parody.”



But looks like Indian Matchmaking is a cringe-watcher’s paradise already. It is currently at the 10th spot on Netflix’s most watched list in India.

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Netflix reality show Indian Matchmaking is making Twitter shake with cringe: ‘Full body mortification’

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