CNN Breaking News?

CNN Breaking News?

CNN is the worst. The news agency loves its slogan, “This is CNN”. Now, that trademark has taken on a whole new meaning confusing reporting for nonsense. Look to Twitter for CNN Breaking News that is more click bait than ‘extra, extra’.

Today, QZ8501 went missing en route from Surabaya to Singapore and every update from CNN’s broadcast starts with dramatic music, huge bold letters, then a repeat of the following details: it is too early to tell what happened with the flight.

Furthermore, and I know CNN isn’t the only one guilty of this, but why is it necessary to break down the lives of the passenger by country then point out that no Americans were on board?

Today one of the reporters clumsily said that the Obama administration didn’t consider this mystery as big a priority as aviation disasters of the past like MH370 because it was an AirBus, a French made plane, and because no Americans were listed on the manifest.


Finally, the media is trying to clump three flights with completely different circumstances to paint a picture of chaos in flying to and around SE Asia. Let’s understand that MH370’s disappearance, MH17’s fate, and QZ8501’s unknown status are all unrelated events.

CNN in its general insensitivity continues to cite all the flights together as if somehow they are related.

Breaking News: 162 People are missing.

That should be the story.

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CNN Breaking News?

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