12 Best Google Adsense Alternatives to make more money: 2020 Edition

12 Best Google Adsense Alternatives to make more money: 2020 Edition

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Google AdSense is definitely a fantastic means to earn some extra money from your blogs and articles. To help you get an idea of how much you earn with Adsense, you can try this Google Adsense Earnings Calculator.

If you plan to make use of AdSense, you have to undergo a complex process for creating an AdSense account and getting approval from Google.

Yes, it is a big deal to get approval for Google AdSense, which most bloggers would dream of. Many times, Google would block your AdSense account for violating their policies and put you through the trouble.

When the Google AdSense account is blocked, one of the best solutions is to look for alternatives to Google AdSense. If you are not aware, there any many other programs similar to Google Adsense.

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Best Google Adsense Alternatives:

While all alternatives may not be better than Google AdSense, but it depends a lot on what your website niche and traffic is like.

Depending on these factors, some of the Google AdSense alternatives can be better than AdSense itself. Being said that, here are 12 Best Google AdSense alternatives Ad networks, listed in no particular order.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are referral links. We receive a small commission from these platforms when you join them and generate revenue out of it. Thank you!


Ezoic - Best Google Adsense Alternative

Ezoic - Best Google Adsense Alternative

Ezoic is our most recommended Ad Network and defintely a worthy Google Adsense Alternative to try out. It is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

Ezoic connects with Numerous Ad Publishers. You can even connect your Google Adsense Account with Ezoic. The platform automatically detects ad locations and optimizes your ad display for highest revenue.

In fact, using Ezoic with Adsense increases your revenue than just using Google Adsense.

And for those who doesn’t have Google Adsense Approval, it is easier to get Ezoic approval.

Payments are made through Paypal, Payoneer or Check. And the minimum threshold is just $20.

Join Ezoic!

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If your content is about products and it has product-related keywords, Skimlinks is an ad network that helps you make money from the content.

As many says, Skimlinks is one of the most effortless ad networks for making easy money from content.

For anyone who is looking for an ad network that doesn’t require the sign-up hassles, creating affiliate links, or wait for the approval, Skimlinks is the right choice.

I am not covering up affiliate marketing and its strategies in these articles. But, if you are interested you can through the following resources,

Skimlinks works by automatically creating affiliate links based on the content on the website to share products that are relevant for the users.

For example, if you are talking about a pair of Levi’s or denim in the content and add a link to the online store that sells the denim, Skimlinks would automatically change it to an affiliate link.

To help you understand better how Skimlinks work, watch the video below.

Skimlinks helps to overcome the hassle of needing to partner with networks for earning money. There is no negotiation anymore with Skimlinks.

Here is a fellow blogger, who makes around $195/mo from Skimlinks

Join Skimlinks!

Sovrn//Commerce (Formerly Viglink)

Sovrn-Commerce (Formerly Viglink)

Sovrn-Commerce (Formerly Viglink)


Sovrn//Commerce is the new brand name for the well-known monetizing platform Viglink.

VigLink is yet another ad network that works pretty differently as compared to other ad networks that we have mentioned and would mention later.

When you use VigLink, your standard outgoing links would be converted into affiliate links. Now, once the links are converted to affiliate links, whenever the users purchase an item through this link, you would receive the commission for it.

One of the best things about VigLink is that in case you have affiliate links on your website already, VigLink would not meddle with those links.

Viglink is similar to that of Skimlinks. However, Skimlinks has got 48,500 merchants while VigLink has got only 12,500 merchants.

Choosing between Skimlinks and Viglink only depends upon in which platform you are able to find more relevant advertisers.

To set up Viglink, you have to add a few lines of codes to the site source with the help of JavaScript. This is SEO friendly, and it also works along with AdSense.

Do check out how a blogger Aliakbar Fakhri has made around $653 in a month through Viglink.

Join Viglink!




Media.net has the reputation of being an ad network that is closest to the AdSense.

Media.net is an ad network that powers Bing and Yahoo!, two of the biggest search engines after Google. So naturally, it is the second-largest contextual ad network after Google AdSense, which makes it a serious alternative to Google AdSense.

The good thing about Media.net as compared to Google AdSense that makes people love it is that it aims to serve bloggers- both small and large.

The parameter for Media.net is high-quality content. All you have to do to get the approval is that ensuring your blogs are of good quality and purposeful, having a particular target.

The payment is made via PayPal or wire.

The dashboard is powerful where you easily find stats, reports, and graphs to keep track of your earnings based on time-period.

Also, it offers the highest revenue per thousand impressions, which makes it a good reason for people to use it.

While the majority of ad networks wouldn’t allow sticky sidebar ads, you’d get it by the use of Media.net. The next best thing is that once you are a part of the Media.net client base, you can access the customer support services conveniently.

Join Media.net!

Yllix Media

Yllix Media

Yllix Media

When we talk about alternatives to Google AdSense, Yllix is one of the relatively newer ad networks (started in 2012) that have suddenly become a lot popular.

With a very simple and easy to understand the homepage, Yllix stills offers an incredible ability of customization.

Whether you want a pop-up ad, pup-down ad, slider ads, mobile redirects, layer ads, or even full-page ads, Yllix would help you do it.

Also, for full-page ads, you can customize and choose any size based on what you want.

With a simpler interface and the process of using, it is a pretty good ad network as an alternative to Google AdSense for beginners.

Join Yllix Media!




Adsterra is an ad network that is more apt for publishers that already have a pretty good CPM and work with a number of ad formats, gathering traffic on both desktop and mobile.

The kind of ads you would like to see on your page is entirely customizable using Adsterra.

For the best CPM on your traffic, you can choose anything out of direct links, banners, pop-unders, and other options that Adsterra offers.

If you are a novice at blogging, you may start by using another ad network rather than Adsterra.

Adsterra pays you via different means, which makes it all the more convenient based on your preference.

Some of the modes of payment are- Bitcoin, WebMoney, PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, wire, and several others.

Join Adsterra!




RevContent is popular for being a native ad network. The thing with native ads is that they are quite homogenous with blogs and websites as compared to regular banners.

Many popular publishers, like NBC News, CBS, etc., use RevContent for native ads.

Even within the category of native ad networks, there are plenty of options.

However, since RevContent provides a better customization option along with responsive widgets, infinite scrolls, and some other perks, publishers prefer it over other native ad networks.

The reason why RevContent is touted as one of the best Google AdSense alternatives is that of its popularity among publishers.

However, one catch of using RevContent is getting approval. RevContent has a reputation for rejecting about ninety percent of applicants.

It has an eye for websites that may opt for a premium account. If that is foreseen, that is when an application is approved.

Join RevContent!


Cuelinks Homepage

Cuelinks Homepage

For bloggers that depend majorly on Indian traffic, Cuelinks works well, even better than Google AdSense.

However, if a blogger wants to use AdSense as well as Cuelinks, then he can proceed with both.

It also works fine with other ad networks, like Skimlinks and Viglink. It just requires a one-time setup, after which you are ready to go.

After you sign up with Cuelinks, you receive a line of code. Once you place them in your blog’s source code, your standard links that go to Indian sites are converted to affiliate links.

Pretty much like Viglink, for each purchase that a customer makes using your link, you would be paid a certain amount of commission for the purchase.

Some of the sites that provide good commission through affiliate links are- FabIndia, Amazon India, Flipkart, Airtel Broadband, Jabong, and many more.

Join Cuelinks!

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is yet another well-established ad networks. While it is a relatively newer ad network that started in the year 2011, it grew pretty quickly to become popular.

However, when you decide to use PropellerAds media as an alternative to AdSense, you should know that PropellerAds Media works better for only for certain niches.

If your website covers games, dating, entertainment, movies, gambling, or any other niche of that sort, PropellerAds Media is a great option for you than AdSense.

You would find both pop-unders and banners on PropellerAds, but pop-unders work better. PropellerAds are for websites that are trying to make money through ads in countries, like India, South Africa, etc.

Also, PropellerAds helps in making money from mobile services and apps. So, if you are getting mobile traffic, then using the PropellerAds network would be a great idea.

Join Propeller Ads!

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads is an Amazon exclusive ad network. This means, if you are writing a blog about some amazon product, you can choose Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

The way this ad network works is pretty apt and straightforward for people who are looking for making a decent amount of money from their blogs.

When you write about a specific product that is on Amazon and persuade people to buy it, Amazon Native Shopping Ads would pay you a commission on each successful purchase.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads do not work like other ad networks that on the basis of pay per click. Instead, for each purchase through your link, you get a commission from Amazon.

It also would let bloggers use dynamic image ads to blogs. This helps in promoting Amazon products in a better way. Amazon associates can be used along with AdSense.

The money is credited to the bank via wire transfer or check.

Join Amazon Native Shopping Ads!




Out of the many AdSense alternatives that have an easy request to approvals and sign-ups, Adversal is one of them.

One factor that users love about Adversal is that instead of paying for clicks, it pays for impressions.

The advertisers get the option of geo-tagging, using which, they pay a lot for their ads to make it to the target audience. This adds up to the amount of money that publishers can earn using Adversal.

The types of ads you can get using Adversal are- leaderboard, banners, Ministitial, pop-under, skyscraper, wide skyscraper, and medium rectangle.

Out of so many, the most in-demand type of ad that most people prefer is pop-under. Another bonus for new and small bloggers for using Adversal is that the minimum payout is really low, that is, $20.

Additionally, the CPM rates are high too. Using Adversal, you can also easily track different ad campaigns.

Join Adversal!




Adshares is the first Blockchain-based digital advertising network. Being a blockchain-based network, it has a more reliable ecosystem.

And it is capable of handling a large volume of micropayments. With that said, there is no minimum payout and you will be paid automatically every hour.

The main aim of Adshares is to create a transparent network between Advertisers and Publishers.

And the platform has incorporated features that will allow Publishers to decide which ads to be displayed on their website.

Technically, Adshares uses a new market structure, that will be a replacement for the current expensive real-time bidding.

Not to forget, Adshares has got the ability to skip AdBlock and helps you monetize those traffic too.

Join Adshares!

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Final Insights

These are 12 of the Best Google Adsense alternatives. Most of them work well along with Google AdSense, which means you can always try them besides Google AdSense.

While Google AdSense is the highest paying ad network, the approval rate is so low that bloggers who look forward to making money from blogs would definitely need an alternative.

Moreover, for most bloggers, the constant fear of being blocked is one significant insecurity. It is a fact that a vast amount of money comes with various conditions and strict guidelines for bloggers to swear by.

So, giving try for these best AdSense Alternatives means a lot if you are serious about earning through your blogs.

From affiliate marketing to coaching and consulting — there are many alternatives to Adsense that you can use to make money from your blog and even build passive income streams.

Also, thorough background research helps you figure out which ad network would be beneficial for your website and niche.

With all of that being figured out and put in place, you might end up making a lot more money from these small ad networks than Google AdSense.

Eventually, it is not about what ad network you use, it is also about the amount of revenue you make through any particular ad network.

Note: These best Google Adsense alternatives are contributed by Jafar Sadhik. If you have exciting content to contribute, then check my guest blogging guidelines.


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12 Best Google Adsense Alternatives to make more money: 2020 Edition

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