Did Kellyanne Conway lie about Covid-19? Daughter Claudia’s TikTok video sparks fury: ‘Karma is one badass b***h’

Did Kellyanne Conway lie about Covid-19? Daughter Claudia’s TikTok video sparks fury: ‘Karma is one badass b***h’

In a series of White House coronavirus cases, Kellyanne Conway is the latest to follow suit after President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife, Melania Trump, had been tested positive for Covid-19. “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!” he wrote. Barely two hours before that, he had conveyed his prayers for his close-aide Hope Hicks.

“Tonight I tested positive for COVID-19. My symptoms are mild (light cough) and I’m feeling fine. I have begun a quarantine process in consultation with physicians. As always, my heart is with everyone affected by this global pandemic,” she posted in a tweet which soon grabbed many eyeballs and went viral. As per recent reports, she attended a Rose Garden event last week. Meanwhile, her daughter Claudia disclosed the news in a TikTok video saying, “My mom has COVID,” and added, “She also lied to me today said her test was negative when it literally wasn’t and I spent all day around her. Will be spending my birthday in quarantine.”

Detailing all those who had been affected by the virus, journalist Yamiche Alcindor tweeted, “At least seven people have tested positive for COVID-19 who attended Saturday’s Rose Garden Supreme Court nomination event nomination of Judge Barrett: Pres Trump, Melania Trump, Sen Thom Tillis, Sen Mike Lee, Notre Dame Pres John Jenkins, Kellyanne Conway and a WH reporter.” Meanwhile, journalist Philip Lewis shared her daughter’s take on TikTok about the same. “

The news soon sent shock waves and many wondered what was happening. Others pointed out how close Conway was to Barr at the event — who soon after tested negative for Covid-19. “Good lord today is insane, Claudia Conway says her mom Kellyanne Conway tested positive for COVID and is coughing all over the house. What is even happening,” one tweet read.

Pointing out how she was talking to Barr that day, one said, “Kellyanne Conway is positive. Have you seen the clip of her talking up close and personal to Barr? At one point, she pulls him close to say something into his ear.” The hacktivist group Anonymous posted, “Claudia Conway is reporting on TikTok that her mother, Kellyanne Conway a senior Trump advisor recently seen speaking two inches away from AG Bill Barr’s face at the Rose Garden, has allegedly tested positive for #COVID19.”

In an unsurprising move, many Twitter users took to the micro-blogging site to slam her and called it “karma”. “AND NOW KELLYANNE CONWAY!! Karma is one badass bitch. #GOPVirus,” one tweet read and another said, “Kellyanne Conway testing positive for Coronavirus. I’ll send her a ton of alternative facts of me caring about her health and fake thoughts and prayers. Karma strikes again. I love Karma.”

Another Twitter user posted, “GOPer Thom Tillis and Kellyanne CONway have both tested positive for Coronavirus today. Karma is really having her moment today.”



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Did Kellyanne Conway lie about Covid-19? Daughter Claudia’s TikTok video sparks fury: ‘Karma is one badass b***h’

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