Trillion Dollar Nukes – Here’s how I’d spend the $1 trillion nuclear budget! How would you?

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Trillion Dollar Nukes – Here’s how I’d spend the $1 trillion nuclear budget! How would you?

How much are nuclear weapons really worth? Is upgrading the US nuclear arsenal worth $1.2 trillion – in the hopes of never using it – when that money could be used to improve lives, create jobs, decrease taxes, or pay off debts? How far can $1.2 trillion go if it’s not all spent on nukes?

The application below helps answer those questions. Click on the icons on the left to ‘shop’ for items to add to your cart. See something you want to add? Just click on the title, and it will automatically be placed in your cart. To view your items or make changes, click on the shopping cart. From there, you can increase or decrease the amount of money allotted to each. If you want to maintain deterrence, but don’t support the whole upgrade, then just don’t spend all of the money – whatever is left over can be what you think nuclear upgrades are worth. When you’re done, click on the shopping cart, and share on social media to let your voice be heard!

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Trillion Dollar Nukes – Here’s how I’d spend the $1 trillion nuclear budget! How would you?

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