Trillion Dollar Design

Trillion Dollar Design

Welcome to the website of Trillion Dollar Design, LLC.  We hand-craft championship belts for all occasions.  Contact us to order your Championship Belt today.

Dashielle Mayfield (August 26, 2006 – May 10, 2020) Non-Violent Champion Cat.  We are thankful for the best 13 years ever living with you!!!  RIP our lovables.  Gone too soon…

Don’t be defiant, believe science.  Wear your mask and life will last. 

September 2020

Trillion Dollar Design, LLC Welcomes Trevor Clymens 2016 and 2018 Champion B-Modified Antioch Speedway – Bridging the Gap for Non-Violent Championship Belts June 20, 2020

Supporters of Non-Violent Champions Tony Rock and Tony Mayfield

John Witherspoon supports Tony Mayfield non-violent champion

Non-Violent Comedy Legend spent his valuable time with me on September 14, 2019.  His last words he shared with me about his non-violent laughter for all to enjoy.  RIP John Witherspoon October 29, 2019.  PS: Deep appreciation

Special thanks to Cedric the Entertainer for accepting non-violent champion belt.

Ice Cube with the Non-Violent Championship Belt on the set of First Take. Special thanks.

Tony Mayfield Non-Violent Champion For Life

Non-violent champion Tony Mayfield goes to the Big 3 Championship at the Staples Center

After practice Stephen Jackson takes time out for non-violent champion Tony Mayfield

From the movie “The Wash” Tray Deee and non-violent champion Tony Mayfield

Special Thanks to Michael Rappaport

Non-violent champion Tony Mayfield makes appearance on the set of First Take

Non-Violent Championship Belts – Tony Mayfield, Designer

MC Hammer and Designer Tony Mayfield on the set of First Take

1974-1975 NBA Champion Living Legend Al Attles

Rick Welts, President, Holds Golden State Warriors 3X World Championship Belt

                                        Designer Tony Mayfield

Warriors’ Owner Loves Trillion Dollar Design, LLC, Non-Violent Championship Belts

Warriors Hall of Famer Chris Mullin

Welcome Harry Davis of Gucci San Francisco to the Non-Violent Champions


Designer Tony Mayfield

Trillion Dollar Design, LLC, custom-made photo clocks.  Contact us to order your personalized lifetime memory.

First Take Sports Analyst Max and Tony Mayfield after the show

First Take Championship Belt

Say it loud:  Charlie Murphy!!!!  Last appearance with him.

Get Your Championship Belt Today

Special Thanks to Martin Lawrence

Special Thanks to Damon Wayans

Special Thanks to Marlon Wayans

Special Thanks to Sommore

Soulful R&B Singer Freddie Jackson

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Trillion Dollar Design

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