Global Ecommerce 2019

Global Ecommerce 2019

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  2. Ecommerce Channel Breakdown by Market
  3. Digital Buyer Penetration by Market
  1. What’s Shaping Global Ecommerce in 2019?
  2. Key Takeaways
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Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)* Growth of Marketplaces Worldwide, 2018 (number of marketplaces)Gross Merchandise Value (GMV)* Worldwide of Select Retailers with an Ecommerce Marketplace, 2018 (billions)

MercadoLibre Marketplace* vs. NonMarketplace** Revenues in Latin America, 2017 & 2018 (millions)Change in Spending on Personalization in 2019 by Companies Worldwide (% of respondents)

Why Do Internet Users Worldwide Use Click-and-Collect Services? (% of respondents, Jan 2019)Average Pickup Time Delay for Retailers’ Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store* Feature Worldwide, Aug-Oct 2018 (among retail websites analyzed by OrderDynamics)

Number of Click-and-Collect Locations for Select Major US Retailers*, Jan-Dec 2018What Percent of Purchases Are Digital Buyers Worldwide Making Domestically vs. Cross-Border? (% of respondents, May 2018)

Cross-Border B2C Ecommerce Sales in the EU-16*, 2018, 2020 & 2022 (billions of € and % change)Cross-Border Retail Ecommerce Sales in China, 2017-2022 (billions and % change)

Social Shoppers Worldwide, by Region, Q3 2018 (% of respondents in each group)What Types of Miniprograms* Do WeChat Users in China Use? (% of respondents, Q1 2019)

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Global Ecommerce 2019

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