Business tycoon Vivek Chadha passes away at his London residence aged 33

Business tycoon Vivek Chadha passes away at his London residence aged 33

Hotel Tycoon Vivek Chadha, 33, collapsed at his central London residence early on Sunday morning, after being spotted partying at Annabel’s nightclub on Saturday night, hours before his death. Chadha ran the Nine Group, which made investments in properties and had a chain of hotels. As per the Daily Mail, Vivek Chadha was also known to have close links to the Conservative Party.

The 33-year-old had, only two months ago, married Stuttee Chaddha, 29, in a mammoth ceremony at the five-star JW Marriott Grosvenor House Hotel on London’s Park Lane. Stuttee said while talking to MailOnline, “There are no words to describe what has happened. I’m in shock and still trying to make sense of it. We only got married eight weeks ago and it was beautiful. Now I’m having to deal with the loss of the love of my life. I’m stunned and heartbroken.”

“He did not die at his central London address but was at another location when it happened. We don’t know the full facts yet and are waiting to establish what exactly occurred,” the Daily Mail quoted a source close to Vivek as saying.

The media outlet also reported that Vivek’s friends said that his family was informed late as the reason behind his death was not clear. As per the initial reports, his death was a direct result of a heart attack, which many believe occurred at his London residence. Due to his relatively younger age and no known health conditions, it is likely that a post-mortem of his body will be conducted.

Chadha’s booming business venture

Vivek Chadha and his father Gursharan Chadha co-founded the multi-million-pound Nine Group in 2012. The group invests in properties across the UK and develops and manages hotels. The investment company is considered one of the largest private hotels company in the country. The Nine Group is currently the owner of 18 hotels, which include iconic hotels like the London O2 Arena Hotel and the four Holiday Inn franchises. The group also owns a pub named the Halt and Pull-in Horley, Surrey and recently purchased a segment of the franchise Pizza Hut.

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Business tycoon Vivek Chadha passes away at his London residence aged 33

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