Better Decisions

 This was relevant to your art business. This will allow for you to determine where your time and money is best used. mixturesport mixture sport Website mobilephones-news 

 For a start, you must go through and list out all your expenses.

 It can aid you in making better decisions about your business by getting a real image of your expenses. Can you afford the cost of a new studio? Are art fair booth costs mobilephones news Website new-acne-treatment 

 Are you financially successful? These questions can be answered with a budget.

 Include all recurring expenses you have on the monthly expense worksheet. It should include all things you spend money on, and not just your art.

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 business). Include rent, utilities, cell phone bill, transportation, internet, loans etc. Ideally, this should be around or less than 50% of your income as per

 Financial planning rule 50/30/20. The 50/30/20 rule means that you spend 50% of your obligations, such as bills, 30 percent on “wants” and 20% on income.

 Go to savings. paydayloanslowdown payday loan slow down Website

 Next, add up the income line by line.


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