Prototype construction

Autonomous walking excavator can build walls and dig trenches

An autonomous prototype construction vehicle that weighs 12 tonnes has shown that it can operate on very difficult terrain without the assistance of a human driver.

Swiss-German engineers have successfully transformed an excavator type that can walk on struts that can be extended. It is also able to climb steep slopes without the assistance of human beings. The modified walking excavator was used to construct an impressive stone wall of 4 meters high and grab trees to simulate forest work. They also utilized the excavator for digging…

Stealthy marine robot begins studying mysterious deep-water life

We could gain from a stealthy, autonomous underwater robot that could track and disturb elusive creatures under the water.

Mesobot, which weighs 250 kg, can be operated either without power or tied to a lightweight fibre-optic cables that allow it to move about below the surface in an unobtrusive manner.

The mesopelagic, or twilight region, often referred to as the mesopelagic area, lies between 200m and 1 km in depth. It is the place of the daily phenomenon called Diel Vertical Migration (DVM). Deep-dwelling animals travel closer to the surface of the ocean to get more food, and to stay away from predators.

Biologists see the DVM as a crucial method through that carbon dioxide and nutrients can quickly be transported into depth. This allows carbon dioxide to be stored over the long run. The DVM is difficult to study as the animals involved often avoid light or water.

The benefits of technology on the work, personal and social life

Ease of Access to Information

The World Wide Web, also known as the web, has turned the world into a global social village. This is due to the fact that information from around the globe is widely available via the internet.

Although the majority of the stories you read on social media is true, there are images for some stories. All information can be accessed easily and there is more news.

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You save time

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Do you remember ever having to navigate in areas that were not familiar to you? Many of us have had to deal with these issues after moving to a new location. Technology has made it simple to navigate wherever you are, whether it’s an official trip or on vacation.

You can search for any place you want and then locate your location. The application itself takes care of.

It will not let you miss a turn, and you can see the traffic situation along your route.

Mobility is simple

Do you think of living without a vehicle or a bike? Sure, not since technology has placed these things under our foot.

The distance between Australia and the United States of America, and Australia is approximately 15,187 kms. But you can travel it in just 16-17 hours. This is a testament to how crucial the importance of a vehicle is.

I guarantee you’ll not regret the 16-17 hours you spend each day. This is all possible thanks to the advancements in electric trains, airplanes and automobiles each and every day.


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