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          Intel CEO discusses Microsoft partnership for AI chips

          Intel CEO discusses Microsoft partnership for AI chips Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger joins ‘The Exchange’ to discuss Intel’s partnership with Microsoft for AI chips, the timeline for building a new factory in Ohio, and more. as per our monitoring this Story originally appeared on *CNBC Television*Intel CEO discusses Microsoft partnership for AI chipsHave A Say […]

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          Bank of America CEO on capital requirements #Shorts CNBC’s Leslie Picker and Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan join ‘Squawk
          Cumulative impacts of rate hikes will start to bite this year, says Citi's Lucy Baldwin Lucy Baldwin, Global Head of
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          Data center sales and revenue totals are key figures to watch for Nvidia, says Third Bridge's Keh Lucas Keh, Third
          Nvidia's well positioned to sell into a supply-constrained market, says Advisors Capital's Feeney Joanne Feeney, Advisors Capital Management portfolio manager,

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